Monday, February 16, 2009

its gone.

today i watched a bird fly into the wind. he flapped his wings with great intensity, mustering all of his energy to progress against the storm, carrying something in his talons. try as he might he just could not move forward. in a momentary lapse of flight, perhaps from exhaustion, like pausing to take a deep breath before forging on, the wind carried him back a ways as he dipped a few feet closer to the treetops. he waged war on the winds and pressed on. he moved forward, slightly ahead of where he started, and while pressing harder still, he tried to regain the height of which he once had attained... when the wind pushed him back and back down to the tree tops.

its raining again.

we are stuck in front of the tv.

i have two papers to write.

four weeks until i can begin applying for sdusd jobs.

two weeks until the girls get here.

four days until my next day off. two and three days before each paper is due.

seventeen minutes till 24 is on.

going through the motions.

tick tock. tick tock. tick tock banana rock. criss cross applesauce.

miss sue.. miss sue..

Friday, February 13, 2009

it seems there are a million things i need to catch up on..

but for now, i have made three decisions today:

i really, really like broccoli.

dogs on stairs are funny.

i am growing fond of yellow eyeshadow.