Saturday, October 30, 2010

brain is buzzing

i just bought this book "one-yard wonders" by rebecca yaker and patricia hoskins. its 101 sewing projects that use just one yard of fabric. you can take a look at some of the projects on amazon. i am so excited i cant stand it. i've already put together $100 wish list on the website of my local fabric bazaar. and oh yes, tiffany, we are going to SAS.

i'm going to learn how to sew. then i'm going to take over the world.

....i know. i KNOW. its just one more craft addiction that i don't really have the time or space for. but i'm gonna do it anyway. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the dog barfed on the living room rug. then ate it. the cat peed on the bathroom rug. three times. i think he's getting a UTI again. and is chewing all of his hair off. again. so i spend too much time digging in my closet and begin to run late for school. when i get there, i see parking-ticket-guy issuing tickets already. so i find a space far away from normal, walk to the daily-permit machine, and it wont take my money. so i walk back to my car and drive all the way to the front of campus and park in the visitor section so i can get change and try to buy a permit. the lady tells me there's a change machine behind the building (wtf isnt it next to the permit machine?!). so i walk over. get change for the only $5 bill in my wallet - hooray! $5 in quarters! i walk back to the permit machine, pay my $3 in quarters to get my dinky little parking permit for the day, and walk back to my, get in it, and drive all the way around to the first parking lot i was in. fortunately, now i can find a space closer to where i need to be and park in it. i make a point of placing the permit in the center of my windsheild where it cant be covered by the military stickers or other nonsense. i go to class. i walk all the way back to my car. there's a parking ticket. three inches away from the parking permit. WTF?! i peel it off. read it, thinking this cant be real, is that guy an I-D-ten-T or what? well, yes, he is, because he put my license as a CA plate. so anyway, i get in my car and drive all the way back to the lady in the little police building next to the visitor's lot. she tells me she cant help me, i have to go to the campus police office in the center of campus. well F, i have another class to go to. so i get back in my car, drive back all the way around campus and park, fortunately, right outside my next class. still 45 minutes to burn, so i walk to the campus police office. she cant do anything if i still have a class to go to because she wants to keep my parking permit to void the ticket. so i walk all the way back to my car, half expecting there to be another ticket in the window (there wasn't, thank goodness for him) and sit for a minute. hot and angry, i want a soda. my water is hot, i'm hot, i'm starting to feel a sinus infection coming on, my head hurts, i need a soda. so i grab $1.25 in my new shiny quarters and head to the cafeteria. never been in there before, lets see what they have to offer. no soda's under $1.40, foundtain drink is cheapest at $1.20, but without my ID (which i left int he car) they charge sales tax and i wouldn't have enough. so i wander to a soda machine. no cans. all bottles. no prices. the smallest bag of cheetos was a $1.25 so i figured the soda would be worse. when did they get so expensive? water was even more pricey in the cafe and i decided i couldnt afford to look at juice! so walked back to my car. grumbled, and decided to ditch my next class and take my grumpy ass home and go back to bed.
i get home. i let the dog out. i wash the cat. and i make a sandwich. that was it, for a few hours i lay on the couch burning up and ignoring the tv. i tried to read a textbook but i couldnt digest anything.
thanks poor schools for cutting back on your janitorial services and keeping your classroom dirty and germ-infested. i've been in class one week and am already sick. every semester here, EVERY ONE, i get sick right at the beginning and it throws me off for a while, i get behind in class and have to work hard to catch up. stupid public schools. stupid california. grumble grumble grumble...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

that kind of day

so i'm sitting at the dining table on the computer. the windows are all open because there's no a/c. its a quiet sunday, just the occasional car or airplane, no music, no tv, nuthin. alluvasudden there's a loud scratching at the dining room window, that makes both myself and the dog jump. grainne stands up and peers out the window, and i'm staring trying to figure out what it was. the tree branch scraping the window? no... its a bougainvillea, no branches. the screen is flapping around, looks like it came loose on the bottom. need to call the landlord to see if she'll have someone come out and fix that one and the one in the kitch - SCCCCRRRRRAAAAAAATCH! MEOW! MEOW! and little azreal head pops into the window from the outside.

apparently his dumb ass fell out of the window, which is what knocked the screen loose, just like in the kitchen, and he was trying to climb up the wall to get back in the window. i had to go outside, around the house, and coax him in the front door

Saturday, August 21, 2010

no more family guy before bed.

i dreamed last night that a friend found azreal and a kitten in the hands of some bastard little kid who was 'making sandwiches' out of them by pressing them onto hot skillets on the stove, and burned their skin on both their backs and bellies. we had to clean them up and peel crispy black skin off them and try to help them heal. and i also dreamed that rebecca and i were in taco bell, and before our order came up, when it was all sprawled on the counter, a group of people came in behind us and threw their little kid onto the counter to 'go find us some service' and he smooshed my cheeesy gordita crunch. so i pulled the kid off the counter and started a fight with the giant fat bald man who started the whole thing, then when large fights ensued i took the kid and ran. wtf is wrong with me?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer Fruit Galette

If you're anything like me, you get really excited to see fresh fruit overflowing in the grocery stores. I buy and buy and buy and then only eat and e.... so much of it begins to turn before I can eat it all. Well, this summer I found a super delicious way to use up fruit that may just be a bit too ripe to bite in to - a homemade fruit galette!

This is the easy version, using all ready-to-use-at-purchase ingredients:

1 Trader Joe's frozen pie crust (because its already rolled flat and perfectly round, and because I'm rolling pin-retarded)
1 egg white
A peach or two, and a handful of blackberries
A handful of shortbread cookies
A couple spoonfuls of sugar
A sprinkle of cinnamon

Since this pie crust is frozen, just let it sit until it reaches room temperature, or a little cooler. You'll want it to be pliable.

Slice your fruits. I used a peach and a handful of blackberries. You can use any combination you can imagine - apples and blueberries, blueberries and pears, strawberries, raspberries, cherries... anything goes!

Crumble a few shortbread cookies into a small bowl. The only shortbread cookies I could find have bits of fruit filling in them, so I just crumbled around the center and nibbled on the filling as I went along.

I lined a cookie sheet with foil, but if you have a baking stone that would work great too. Lay out your pie crust, and sprinkle the cookie crumbles in the center to within 2 inches of the outer edge. Lay out your fruit in any pattern that you fancy. Sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar and drizzle with honey. You can substitute brown sugar if you like. (Here, I used organic turbinado sugar from Trader Joe's.)

Fold up the edges to wrap around the fruit. You'll have to crease the pie crust to get it to fold up tightly, and can pinch the ends a bit if you need to.

Brush the outside with your egg white, and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Bake at 350 until edges are golden brown. You'll find that the fruit filling will produce a lot of juice, and I found it best to let it cool completely before serving to let the filling set. You can heat it up again briefly before serving if you prefer it warm. With ice cream :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


so i finally got my craft space cleaned up (mostly). and immediately mucked it up again. BUT, i made some perdy baubles. now i'm on a hunt for their perfect matching ribbons, and will have them up in my etsy shop within the week :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

totally frustrated.

i ran out of cereal. i thought the world would end.

today, i bought cereal, and on those cereal boxes were 'box tops for education' coupons. so i clipped them.

and then i googled it, cuz i have no clue how this works. so after a daunting 5 minute search through their website without getting any clear information about this program and how it works (other than lists and lists of products that qualify), i figured i would have to sign up for it to get more details.

so i did, and then i didnt get any more info. in fact, i even researched a few schools in my area to find one that looked like they could really use the help, but still couldnt find a 'hey dummy, this is how the program works' page. all i want to know is what to do with the stupid coupons after i cut them out!

finally, after ten minutes and talking myself out of giving up, i checked the faq page to find one little sentence that says 'send your coupons to your school's coordinator and they'll send in the coupons for the school'.

ok. whew. check on the school, and ... what? no address, no phone number, and the coordinator 'has chosen not to receive emails for the box tops program'. well no f*ing wonder they've only raised $25!!

what now? i'm going to eat said cereal and calm my nerves, then choose another school - preferably one with a contact who doesn't want to be a secret.

UPDATE: school #2 - ..sigh.. they don't even have a coordinator for this program.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

dream. t- 51 days

work in progress: tim t kidnapped my husband, but left clues all over town for me to figure out how to find him. although i couldnt figure it out. i was getting desparate, but knew that jm wouldnt be harmed. it was a puzzle tim wanted me to figure out.

twilight lighting, very green, foresty, swampy kind of setting. there were two men with me, i think one was local sheriff, a friend trying to help rather than a police investigation, and another friend who's face i never saw. first clue was a cardboard box left under a seat in the back of an old abandoned school bus in the swampy area. sheriff stayed outside the bus, the other man followed me but stayed towards the front of the bus. upon picking it up, i could hear hundreds of crickets, and something much much larger moving around. i tried to carry it out of the bus hastily, but it fell open, and a very large lizard came out, and he was mad. i cant remember what i called it, but i knew it was poisonous. so i had to swiftly maneuver around it, over seats, etc, to get out before it bit me. i recognized the lizard, and knew it had something to do with a place my husband had been.

after following another clue, i ended up at the bottom of a white stairwell, lit with a bunch of natural light from windows on the first floor, though it seemed where i was was basement level. i heard someone on the stairs and i was seconds from catching them, when suddenly i found a digital photo holder on the stairs, and i knew it was for me. it was short video of my husband telling me he loved me and urged me to hurry up and find him. then he included two videos of songs i loved, but i knew they had greater meaning. one was a man, one was a woman - though i cannot remember now what songs they were.

i went to a little eatery to sort it all out. i think i knew the poeple that worked there, or maybe i was just friendly with them from having been there before. either way, i chose a small two seater table near the cook station, that overlooked the dining area, only separated by a half-wall. it was a little dark, only lit by the large windows up front, and sort of cozy, intimate. the waitress brought me a menu, but stood there urging me to pick something without letting me read it. so i chose some sort of flavored hummus and pita. when she left, an older woman, perhaps in her 50's or 60's sat at my table across from me. she had short curly hair, she was petite and a little frail, wearing a peachy colored shirt, no makeup. i had all of the clues in my hands, fumbling through them. i was on the verge of figuring it out but felt like i needed to talk it through with someone.

i began to tell her but she stopped me, telling me stanley (sheriff friend) had already told her. instantly i wasupset that he was telling the world about my dilemma but decided to let it go and accept help from any direction. so i began reading clues to her, and the closer i got to putting it together. but i woke up, and that was that.

giving my hubbs the world

working on giant bizzle map.

A giant map for my hubbs to pin all the places he's been. I didn't mean for it to be this big.. but uh, its freakishly giant.

UPDATE: it looks GREAT hanging on our dining room wall :) You can get an idea of how big it is, at 4 ft tall by 6 ft wide.

Monday, March 29, 2010

the hokey pokey.

well, everyone has their story. Where we came from, things we've endured, what has happened to us along the way. This morning I would have sat you down and hunkered down for the long winded story of my “fatherless” childhood, parental ups and downs, ill funded education woes, ten years of working two jobs without being able to catch a break, being separated from my husband, leaving the only home i've ever known to move to San Diego without a friend, without a job; and year later no prospect of either. Etc. Etc. Etc. i'm sure you've heard it all before :)

i've been feeling jilted, being here. I've made a couple of 'buddies' but no one I would truly call a friend. No one I feel like I can really count on, or call on when I want to get out and feel good about my day. I've not been able to find work anywhere near what I had in Phoenix, and set out on the community college path for the third time, only this time as my main goal. I've been struggling with guilt: on one hand, hating my life even though i've chosen every bit of it. Feeling miserably lonely when my husband is not home (which is a lot) and subconciously resenting him for 'doing this to me'. You know, choosing to sell his soul to the government we so adamantly despised and repeatedly leave me while he wanders the earth trying every beer known to man. And the other hand, well, just feeling guilty for not being able to be truly happy 'following' him around like I promised myself I would. Feeling guilty for secretly resenting this life.

It seemed like all I could do here was bend over and 'take another one for the team'. It was one shot after another. Every time we tried to look up we got tripped up by something else bad that was happening to us. And then my husband got his face kicked in, and I was told to go to the hospital at 4am on a Sunday morning. Fortunately, his condition wasn't severe or life threatening, though it scared the shit out of me. Sitting beside him in the hospital, while he was still unconscious and unaware of my presence, I laid my head on the bed beside him and sank into a whirlwind of thought, and not-thought, and dizziness, and everything all at once. I caught myself walking myself through the story I read in my religions class about the Buddhist man who talked about mourning the loss of his wife. He explained that it would be disrespectful to the universe to hang his head in sorrow; that he didnt own her, and by attaching himself to her loss and holding onto that sorrow it would only dishonor life itself. And I tried to do that. And even though I had acknowledged my sincere interest in it several times, I realized how much the religions class I was taking really meant. And how this seemed to reset all of my priorities: my husband is alive, we are side by side, and nothing else really matters. Not a thing. And that helped me carry on for a while, helping him eat baby food and blending odd things into mush for him, taking care of him made me feel good. But when he was back to normal and healing well, it was far too easy for the both of us to get wrapped up in daily humdrum nonsense and get angry at the world all over again.

the professor i had for world religions was the only one who said anything worth listening to, in my opinion. it was like he reached in and grabbed a hold of me and in a room full of strangers began talking just to me. Like that oldie but goodie 'killing me softly'. As counter-intuitive as it may have been, I attached myself to him a bit, and really did go out of my way to attend his class even if I didnt take any other. It has been my favorite class of all the classes i've taken in my life, and his presentation and perspective has been the most meaningful.

as luck (mine or his lackthereof, haha) would have it, i became a 'fan' of his professional page on FB. many weeks later, there was a posting for a class he was to teach at The Unity Center, sort of an alternative, all encompassing 'church'. at the last moment, i signed up and off i went. My heart dropped into my stomach when I first pulled in and realized it was a large building in an industrial area (not very spiritual looking at all) and I had miniature waking nightmares of the culty christian churches that broadcast on 15 networks and exorcise gay minority homeless paraplegic down-syndrome pedophiles in front of a live studio audience. What was I getting myself into?

I walked in, ascended the carpeted stairs to the chapel room and was greeted by a nice looking man with an oddly soft voice for his body, and a nice lady who helped me initial the attendance sheet and grab a binder. The carpet was soft, like new, but that awful mauvey rose color that grandmas keep in their bedrooms in Miami. I sat up front so I could see, and then panicked at the thought that in such a small room professor might recognize me and freak out, thinking I was stalking him and invading his personal life.

i felt totally out of place. religion was never my forte. in fact when i was in the third grade, my friend asked me what religion i was and i told her i was a Capricorn... prior to these classes, i had stepped foot in church only twice in my life for anything other than a wedding. the first was when i was three or four and i visited my cousin's mormon church, where i attended her sunday school class and all we talked about was flowers (or at least that's how i took it when i was that age, when really it was about god's gift of life, etc); and subsequently made me stand up in front of a room full of strange kids and asked me to sing a song i didnt know (the 'who is new to this church' welcoming song, which i wasnt asked to sing at all, but it scared the crap out of me having to stand up in front that crowd - thanks for the next 25 years of public speaking phobia! haha) and i cried my eyes out. secondly, in gradeschool, i went to sunday school once with my best-friend-of-the-week because they gathered the kids afterward for formal dancing lessons, where we learned to ballroom dance with real boys; and i got to lead the bunny hop...

but let me preface this by saying this is not really a 'church' I guess. Its not christian or jewish or hindu or buddhist. Although, perhaps its rooted in christian faith because, well, most of the western world is, and how can this exist without a root of some kind? This is transcending its roots, I suppose. Rooted in christian faith but aspiring for no particular faith at all. All encompassing, all accepting, which is probably why they call it 'the unity center'. This class is really about how to be 'wise' and by wisdom we are talking about lifelong 'being', being in the world in a way that flows with all the energies of life, living a righteous life, enjoying life, and being truly happy. Its about looking inward, not up (or down, or left or right, depending on what religious direction you choose). Its a 'path to self' kind of thing, but not hokey or new agey or crystal bally or any of that. And I thought it was the kind of thing I needed.

anyway, the class was great. I was surprised at how openly people were chiming in to talk about things when prompted (I was terrified to open my mouth, see the church story above...) and quickly realized that most of these people probably attend this church on a weekly basis, and being so small, probably all know one another outside of these classes, and they addressed the professor by his first name, which was far more intimate than I had planned to get in these sessions, and whoa... what have I gotten myself into? But it was great to be in a room hearing professor speak again, and even though I had heard some of the stories before I enjoyed them again just the same. And what he spoke about felt good, and I was happy to be apart of that again. When class was over, a few people milled around him to say hi so I darted out the door as quickly as I could. I wasnt sure he'd recognize me anyway.

and last week, the second class, the professor knelt beside me prior to class to say hello. that really made me feel at ease, as i wasn't even sure he'd remember me and i was sure i stuck out like a sore thumb in that room of familiar faces. but simply the fact that he took a moment to personally say hello meant a lot. i've really been enjoying the discussions, though i dont really partake, just listen, absorb.

but tonight... (class three) was different. i've been having a day. i mean one of those days, you know, the kind of awful days that make your life miserable when you're easily angered and agitated. Like the days I swore i'd never give into again. i worked last night until 10pm, and found out once i was there that i had been added to the schedule for today at 8am, when i had planned to be off and accomplish all my housekeeping and errand running, before a friend's visit later this week. after little sleep i trudged back into work carrying the rest of last night's work frustration, and it snowballed. i did some shopping afterwards for my husband's care package, and with it decided to replenish foods for the pets and a bit for myself, and spent twice what i had budgeted, and took up more time than i had wanted. so by the time i got home i figured i had just enough time to eat quickly, nap quickly, change clothes and run out the door.

but alas, when i got home i found the dog had drug the trash across the floor that i had mopped two days ago, full of used coffee grounds. i dropped to my knees to sweep it all back into the trash bag and decided to take it to the trash can outside before we went for round three (she did this yesterday, too... i know, shame on me for not taking it out before). so i peddled down the back stairs and toward the garbage can when the entire bottom of my paper sack fell out, and the pile of garbage landed in the center of the neighbor's driveway. so i threw out the empty bag, and went upstairs to get my dustpan and brush. back downstairs to sweep up the driveway (now being the third time I had swept up this lump of trash), and dump it all into the trashcan. back upstairs, i ate quickly, changed clothes twice, and sat to read a few moments of email in an effort to keep awake, because, now, i didnt have enough time to nap. i left the house ten minutes later than i wanted, to find an empty tank of gas. i hauled up the street to the gas station and realized i forgot my purse. thankfully, my debit card was in the car and i was able to use my last $10 to get me where i needed to go. i arrived with no time to spare.

class began as usual and i immediately calmed with the opening meditation. in fact, i felt like i could curl up and sleep. it was the most relaxed I've been for two days. probably since last week. we jumped in as usual. I felt totally distracted this time because I was tired and couldn't focus, but also because professor was wearing Birkenstocks. That was odd to me because I've never been taught by or in a meeting headed by someone in sandals. I then realized it was spring break and why should he dress up if he doesnt have to go to work? And really, why does it matter anyway? Because I have a weird thing about feet. Not an obsession, but I guess more like an anti obsession. I don't like feet. Even my own. I dont like seeing other people's feet, its sort of an intimate thing I think, even though I wear sandals all summer long. But whatever, that's me, not other people. Especially men. Weird in my head, I know. But THEN, the guy in the front row diagonally across from me took off his flip flops and was running his feet through grandma's thick mauve carpet, and yeah I'm sure it was super soft, but man – you're in a semi-formal public place. You just dont do that. But whatever, it doesn't matter, give it up, stop projecting your weird ideas onto other people, heather. Its nice that they both feel so comfortable they can wear totally open shoesies and run their little piggies through the carpet. Ooh, but now he's rubbing his feet on the leg of the piano, good lord will somebody please move it out of his way? Let it go, heather. Let it go. Redirect your attention...

yawn, read ahead, listen intently, yawn even though i don't want to and its really not a sign of boredom. think 'sure, this all makes sense and i need to study it more'. The lecture portion of the class closes, and professor prompts everyone to chime in with reflections, personal thoughts. I amaze at how much personal information these people are just throwing out there and who really cares? We're here to listen to professor's information, not your life story. I get annoyed at other people talking so much, but then someone said something that really knocked me over. and i don't even remember what it was exactly.

no no... i remember now. professor was sharing his day at Costco observing people eating lunch together, taking care of elderly spouses, disabled children, etc. he was pointing out how beautiful it was to watch people take care of one another and enjoy life in the face of so much struggle. It made me think of my husband, how much I miss him, how I had taken care of him when he needed me, and even now he and I would take care of each other like that – if we could only be together. How i'd almost take that situation in a heartbeat, because at least we'd be together. And I began to get weepy, so I put my head down a bit and just listened.

Then a woman spoke up. Her comment had to do with choosing to be happy, not asking 'when is my happiness going to come? when is it my turn to be happy? when can i catch a break?'  and it came from the exact women i rolled my internal eyes at because i thought she shared too much. then i wanted to hug her. she shared a story about her husband [I think – my head started spinning and it all gets a little fuzzy here] catching a virus on an airplane to europe that immediately began to deteriorate his brain and cause his inability to create any new long term memory, causign him to lose is livelihood as a chemist or somesuch important academic mentally-challenging field like that. and i thought, wow, i've been so selfish.  yes i've been separated from my husband for three months, with still two months to go. yes, i have been miserably unhappy in san diego, extremely lonely and resentful of being here. yes, i have envied every woman that walks within a quarter-mile radius with a baby in tow. yes, i have envied couples walking hand in hand, bickering over which lettuce to buy - how dare they waste any moment they have together when there are two people (ie. Me and jm) who really love each other and are half a planet apart...

really? who am i to insinuate that anyone else on the planet is wasting anything? especially when it has been me all this time wasting myself, and my chance to be happy in this town, in this moment, in this life. it brought me to tears. It was like I was hit in the face with a shovel, cartoon like, vibrating my skull and letting out a reverberating ddddddooooooonnnnnnnngggggg.

i couldn't help it. tears started to roll down my cheeks and i tucked my head down so no one would see. after a moment or two i reached for a tissue in the seatbox in front of me and wiped my chin. then my nose. then a minute later i finally wiped my eyes. you know, playing it off. Alergies, right?

It was exactly the breakthrough I needed, it was what I needed for all of this to sink in. I'd been hearing all of this information, all of this insight, but not listening. I had been thinking about it all, but not feeling it, not really absorbing it, living it, breathing it. at that moment everything I had been carrying around lifted away (well, a good portion of it anyway) and I felt like I finally introduced myself to ..myself. I suddenly felt connected to everyone in the room, and the air became clearer, lighter, sweeter. I could breathe again. How foolish i've been.

When we left, as I started down the stairs, I could smell Spring long before I reached the door. It was the perfect mix of blooming deserts after a cleansing rain, crisp and cool night air, and the salty-ocean in the distance. I felt renewed. And now I might have it in me to get through the next 63 days, and focus on hawaii again.

...'and that's what it's all about!'

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland release party at Syrah

last night was a lot of fun. there was a guy dressed like the burton mad hatter, but he was shorter than me, lol, so he was like a mad-oompaloompa-er. i would really like to go back on a regular day to see what Syrah is like - apparently they had an interior decorater for the party. 

the bar itself is under ground, so you have to go down stairs to get there. at the bottom of the stairs are three ways: straight ahead to a locked door covered in graffitti, then to the right in a little cave that i think is like a janitor's area, then a door on the left that is totally camoflauged with some plastic clover leafy stuff that is also all over the wall. (apparently, they have a camera set up outside to catch people utterly confused and play it on a big screen tv by the bar for entertainment. we, fortunately, missed out on that embarrassment because they had the alice trailer playing over and over and over). 

once inside, more walls were covered with the clover leavesy things. the table where the greeter girl stood was covered with stacks of old books, a big rabbit lamp, and teapots/cups. there were giant butterflys everywhere on the walls and ceiling. they had really awesome blown glass snail lamps on the ceiling in the very center of the room, too. hanging down above the bar were teapots spilling out greenery, and more bflys.

 the bar itself is really neat, not huge, but totally casual and relaxing feeling. there were big barrel lamps hanging and i got the impression that the clover things and many other decor items are normal, meant to make the place look like a vineyard. its very organic and cozy. i took some pictures with my phone but the lighting was so dim they didnt really come out well (as you can tell). 

All in all it was fun to get out on a school night, haha. ((Devlyn, Me, Zayra)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

day 40: a sunday. not a good day to be my cat.

so i went for a couple beers with my buddy after work last night. i stayed out way too late, and was totally wiped when i got home. i let the dog out. i let the dog in. the cat ran out. he wouldnt come in. i closed the door, thinking he'd come running back to me in a few minutes once he got out into the yard and realized it was cold and wet.

i laid on the couch for a few minutes and snuggled with the dog. i got up and went to bed. i slept in super late, waking at about 11am. i got up, started the kettle to make coffee. let the dog out. puttered around a minute, and started the calling the cat to give him a new cardboard box. no reply. checked the bedroom, no cat. then it hit me.

oh crap.

i forgot to let the cat back in last night. i saddled up the dog and grabbed the can of cat treats and out we went. shaking the treats in the yard to see if he had hidden in the bushes. i kept calling him, no response. we started out the gate, and then backtracked. i decided to check the biggger, thicker bushes around the side of the house. i called and shook the treats, then heard him wailing. his little face poked out of the ground level opening under the house...

we rent the bottom floor of an old victorian in san diego. its built on a hill, with the backside on the down-hill. front of the house is flush with the street, but the back end is built up a tad, so there's a shallow basement sort of thing, not really tall enough to stand up in. the little opening on the side of the house has a mesh on it, with a hole in it, of course. the cat had wandered into it and spent a cold wet night under the house.

he screamed and screamed and tried several times to work his way out of the screen again. but finally, he came out, nice and dirty. i scooped him up and tossed in the front door. he ate a little, cried a little, told me all about his miserable experience, then disappeared to sleep all day.

the dog is napping too. looks like a good idea. i've been awake for 2 hours, but they were emotional. and i think that deserves a nap.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

day 33: valentines day

the dog is sniffing at the front door. she was barking a few minutes ago, but there is no one outside. i don't know what the deal is, but she's making me worry.

anyway, today was a fabulous day. i woke up when the neighbors started banging on my ceiling (they are replacing their flooring), about 930. i was having dreams about real-life zombie games. i had to go from 'scene' to 'scene' and complete the puzzle before the zombie came to life and ate me. for example: i came upon a house, where on the front porch were two tombstones. the left was the wife, the dead, on the right the husband, the undead. their faces were on the tombstones, which is why it was sort of game-ish, and on each a vial of their blood. in life, they had been motorcycle lovers, taking long rides together. it is also what killed them. beside their tombstones was a replica of their bike, some black harley-chopper stylie thing with flames on it. sort of circa 1950s. anyway, i was suppose to take the vial of blood off of each tombstone and splash it on the bike along with some sawdust, then vacuum it off to exemplify their death and clean rebirth into the afterlife. However, as soon as i took the vial off of the tombstones, they began to wake. when i took the vial from the wife's tombstone, her face came to life and began to scream. the trick was to do the motorcycle part quickly and as quietly as possible because if her undead husband woke completely, either by the sound of her screaming or the sound of my cleaning, he'd eat us both. needless to say i failed.

when i woke up, i stumbled out to let the dog into the front yard and accidentally followed her. when i got to the porch i realized how beautiful and warm it was outside, so i decided to put some shorts on, grab my hat, and go for a walk. halfway through the walk i decided it would be a perfect day to take her to the beach, so we headed home. as soon as i opened the front door, i realized how un-fresh my house was; dirty, cold and dark. so i opened up all the windows and spent the day spring cleaning. sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. it was a fabulous therapeutic thing to do. airing out the house felt great.

i was supposed to meet a kid from class to study for our spanish test this week, which quickly turned into an odd awkward thing. instead of mutually meeting somewhere, i went to pick him up, then drove back to my neighborhood to the local coffee shop. we were there for less than two hours and he called it quits. we got no mutual studying done, cuz we couldnt agree on what we needed to work on and he gabbed most of the time, afterward proclaiming how great he thought we worked together and wants to study each week. he's super nice, but a little spacey. so i took him home, and came home to study on my own. i made flashcards and watched most of a movie i didnt really like, which was odd because it was an Audrey Hepburn flick, with an old Carey grant.

i decided that since it was slow and annoying, and i'd take gene Kelly over Carey grant any day, i gave up spanish and moved to the couch to watch singin' in the rain.

i'm on day three of my super renew beauty routine (ie livestrong "my plate", and tee tree miracle waffles + teeth whitening strips before bed). just simply doing the same thing each day is making me feel good. i've never been one for any kind of routine other than washing my hair before i condition it (which i've been known to screw up), so this is a nice change.

the hubbs called tonight, but i missed it. i didnt recognize the phone number so i didnt answer it :( i tried to call right back but it went to a voicemail. happy valentines day indeed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

day 27: short sentences are awesomeness.

i've been out three times in four days. i'm done for the year. quota met.

friday night i went to the turf club with the people upstairs. it was, actually, a lot of fun. she gets drunky fast like me. we laughed a lot.

saturday night i went to the archway, a little divey bar near work, with my buddy ian. we laughed a lot there too. and griped about work. it was theraputic.

sunday, i spent the day with the cat on the couch watching the i love lucy marathon and reading my psych book. yay no super bowl for me.

today, i worked. i got angry at work. i hate work. then i went shopping at the commissary. i hate the commissary. i bought cat food. the cat hates dog food. then i came home. the dog was angry. jake and angela were outside. i ran over to say hi, we talked for a while. they invited me over for dinner. i went. she made good soup. we talked a bit. they smoked. i came home.

i made tea. i packed my gym bag for tomorrow. its supposed to rain. lameness = walking two blocks in the rain to a smelly old gym where i'm going to sweat and get more wet. in fact, if i get too wet, i'll be damn sure to slide off the bike that is not bolted to the floor. i'm starting a food diary to go with my workout class, well, not FOR class, but to go with it for my own OCD sanity. just gonna try to learn about calories and nutrition and how to eat balanced and healthy. i bought real oranges. whoa.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

day 23: school day 4, and other stuff

Well, Spanish is going well. Today I worked with Matt (the guy I met in the bookstore, who said my earrings remind him of a Polynesian girlfriend he once had, he sits to the right of the thermos girl) and Devlyn, the nice girl who sits to my right. She's a natural Spanish speaker, having grown up in TJ, and Matt is Cuban and Argentinian, i think, and understands Spanish though he doesn't speak it well. They are helping me tremendously and now I feel more confidente. Each day, including the very first day of class, we each have to say something or read something from the book in Spanish aloud to the whole class. Others are worse than me so that makes me feel ok. I can tell time (c Que hora es?) and count to 100-ish. Its very easy, actually, just memorizing the numbers will take some time.

Side note, Devlyn told me that fitness credits are not required at City like they are at SWC... so I signed up for this boot camp class for nuthin... ... sigh ...

I got two pairs of new shoes with my birthday money from my parents, including a brand new pair of cross-trainers to wear to the gym. They are white and lime green from New Balance, and I feel sassy in them. I also bought new pants, which really are just pajama pants, but super soft cotton from my best friend Target for under $15. With my new knowledge of taking this class for no reason, I opted to give it one more shot, since its my last class before the refund drop date. Afterall, Hawaii is five months away...

It was our second day completing coach Colbert's boot camp circuit, then we had close to 20 mins of free time to work on whatever machine we wanted. Of course, these machines are O-L-D. The bikes are super stylie. The seats are non-adjustable ('cept for height) and I have bruises in places that ladies don't mention. In fact, their only adjustable knob tightens a blue shoelace around a spinning wheel and circa-1980's steering wheel cover vinyl on the hand grips. No electronics, not even bolted to the floor.

The most modern machines are stair-steppers that are sadly outdated, with their electronic screens reminiscent of the blood pressure machines i was scared of in Walgreens when I was a kid, with bleepy lights like a Lite Brite. I tried the eliptical, my very favorite machine, only to discover that the two most importante buttons are broken - the start button and the down arrow. So it sits at default 150lbs for 30 minutes and you can't 'start' it. lameness. We then spent the last 30 minutes or so of class doing his 'crunch club' where we all got onto mats on the floor and did variations of sit ups, crunches, etc. I was proud to see that I was the only one that A. could do all of the things coach told us to do, and B. did it without whining, sobbing, or falling over, unlike the 350lb rappy-fantastic across from me that smelled like a goat. And there's some little skater kid that followed me around, which was a little flattering and creepy all at the same time. After class, I felt super great, so I think I will stick this out afterall. And I might even enjoy it.

I decided to give the showers in the neighboring brand-new locker room. See, they built a huge two story fitness monstracity in the parking lot next to the fitness center. It is used for dance classes, sports training, kickboxing and apparently every PE class except for the one I'm in. Rumor has it they took all the 'good' machines out of our room andmoved them to the new building which is why our class sucks so bad. Anyway, there are new locker rooms complete with private showers. They do not have enough lockers for everyone, so I've been carrying my entire bathroom and Spanish books in my 50lb gym bag.

In the showers, which are like giant tile laden cubes, there is a heavyweight curtain running from floor to ceiling for privacy, and a fold down bench near the doorway. There's about 3-4 feet between the seat and the shower head, which was a tiny little thing, so I figured setting my bag on the seat was ideal. This is my first public shower experience as it was, so I was already a little jumpy, but when I turned the knob and was hit by ice cold water with the force of all of San Diego's water pressure, I was just about shot through the curtain and out into the hallway. I quickly figured out how to turn the nozzle to narrow the water jet, cuz you cant aim it up or down, so i was able to shower with a jet stream pointed at my noggin, but my stuff still got soaked. Thankfully I have four days to figure out plan B, and dry out my Spanish book. HA - I could just claim my Spanish is watered down! I know, don't quit my day job.

Psych class went well, and I kicked the pre-quiz quiz's ass. So I feel really great today. And I'm wearing my new sandals :) I felt so good, in fact, that I celebrated my great work out with Del Taco.

That's how I roll.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

product review: Desert Essence Facial Cleansing Pads.


I didn't know my face was so gross. These wipes are miracles soaked into little cotton waffles. They are a mix of beautifully natural things like witch hazel, lavender, tea tree, chamomile and some sort of backywackybrush that I've never heard of. They are also 100% vegan.

They are small little waffle textured cotton pads pre-soaked in their natural essential oil recipe. You pull one out, wipe it around your face and neck, then rinse with cool water. Simple.

They are strong and I had to fan my eyes a little, so I suggest keeping your eyes closed for a few seconds after application (not that I used them ON my eyes, of course, but the power of the ingredients makes for strong aromatic air).

I had been wearing only loose powder for days prior to using these, cleaning my face irregularly as normal. After several rounds around my face and neck, both sides looked like they had rolled in the mud. It was awful and wonderful at the same time. For the first time in ages, I looked into the mirror and liked my skin.

I'm rushing to their website now to learn more about them as it seems they have an entire line of organic skin care, hair care and other health and beauty items. I have to tell you, though, their web price on these pads is high. They sell them on their website for $6.99 and I bought mine at Trader Joe's for $3.99 (for 50 pads). Sadly, Trader Joe's carries only a couple of their items. But, if we gather the masses and ask them to carry more - they just might!

(I've linked the photo above to the product listing on their website, so you can just click the image and viola!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 21: third day of school

(handwritten in notebook)

Groundhog day. I worked Sat and Sun, and at 8am on Monday. I slept ten hours last night but I still feel exhausted. My house is a disaster. I really have to change my habits. I'm going to drive myself crazy.

I decided I need to invest in exercise pants. I dont like this class, but I have to stick it out. I'm waiting for Spanish to begin. Yay Spanish. Drink more coffee. Yea, that'll make it better.

Spent close to $100 yesterday on snacks to send to the hubbs. I need to get a photo printed for him. ...sigh... so much to do and I dont have the energy for any of it. I'm going to consider taking Monday's off.

By the look on the face of the girl who sits in front of me, I can tell my hair looks awful. Hooray.

[yokel who came late sat in front of me only the first day. A girl named Zayra moved in front of me, next to the thermos girl, and a nice girl to my right. The four of us have been working together in Spanish class.]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

day 16: second day of school

(again, taken from handwritten notes in spiral notebook)

Tuesday afternoon I bought my Spanish book used, for $116. Ouch. I have to buy a dictionary and grammar book as well as the book I need for my psych class. Found a guy online that is selling the psych book for $100, which is $18 less than a used copy in the bookstore, and $56 less than the new one.I figure I'm still saving money, and I'd rather put some money back inot a student's pocket rather than the bookstore and be a part of the rip-off game. Then I have to haul ass to exercise class (and hope to one day be able to spell 'exercise' correctly -- "excercise" is incorrect, btw).

I wore my velvety jogging pants today to be ready for exercise class and feel like I'm in my pajamas. I dont know how i feel about that. Its super comfy butI also feel like I'm a little exposed. Packing a gym bag is super annoying. I have to carry my bag iwth my spanish books and another bag with toiletries and a change of clothes for gym. I'll have to inquire aobut locker usage. No time to go to my car beforehand. No parking closer to gym. I was 15 minutes later this morning than I was on Tuesday and parking was already slim (at 6:30am!). I'll have to step it up and pack breakfast each morning so I have something do while sitting in my car for half an hour before class opens. Lame. Such is college life though, I guess. I'd rather that than take the bus or walk.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

day 14: first day of school.

(taken from my spiral notebook, handwritten to avoid numbly staring at the wall)

My first class is Spanish. Here super early to find my classroom, I found it in a corner of campus I didn't know existed. Don't remember how to get back to my car, as I had to walk in circles to get here. Not sure how to get to my next class from here either.

With 25 minutes before class, 3 people stood outside the open door. Two people were already seated inside. The sun is just barely rising, campus is quiet and serene. Birds waking, chirping. We're on the 2nd floor of the building already at the highest point on campus so there is a nice view.

Ten minutes before class. I took a seat second from the front on the far left side.To my left are old dirty windows, industrial style with metal frames and chipping paint that reach to the ceiling. Beyond the trees I can see some of the high rises in downtown. People are starting to trickle in. No one's really talking, so its only scuttles, shuffles and the occasional chair squeak and anticipated student sigh.

After this I have ten minutes to get across the busy street to the fitness center. Its not on campus like at SWC. Probably an upgrade or afterthought to this old campus (built in the 20's). I hope they give us locker rooms and decent showers. I don't want to the be the girl in psych class that smells like a horse.

Fortunately, I am not the oldest student, nor the only naturally non-Spanish speaker. Hope doesn't embarrass me in the some way. What happens to that teenage fearlessness I had? isn't that supposed to get stronger with age?

Funny how, in this day and age, we forget how to write. Thanks to my ultra fast typing skills, i gave the mighty pen ages ago. two pages and my wrist hurts. can i claim some sort of student's comp for this?

Teacher is outside yacking to someone. five minutes late. Frida is on the wall with some tissue paper roses. Now he's gone... wtf?

There are old skool roll-down maps hanging above the white boards, yellowed and ripped along the edges. Overhead and projector stand, tv cart, all covered in dust. Ten minutes late. My feet are cold. I have to pee. I'm out of coffee. The girl one seat in front of me and the right has a small thermos steaming with coffee. I can smell it. I hate her. Not really. But I'd like to pull her hair and take her coffee. The teacher has disappeared. Geez. must be nice. Bet he's getting coffee, too. No one is sitting in front of me, which means that the yokel that shows up a half hour late with be my study partner...

(after class)
...This teacher is way laid back. Wearing cotton khaki from head to toe, with some casual brown loafers, salt and pepper messy curly hair, a few months after its last cut, and big unfashionable glasses to match his big beer belly. His speech is slow, like his overall mannerism, and i learned that the old guy standing outside of class this morning is the professor. Glad i didn't say something dumb to him, like 'I hate Spanish'. And yes, two girls that came in 30+ minutes late sat in front of me and to my left (there is a row of chairs lining the windows facing the rest of the class, rather than facing forward in rows like the rest of us) and they talked the whole time.

I ran into a guy in the bookstore who is in my class and he is nice. perhaps I'll buddy with him.

One hour to exercise class. Blocks to walk. Glad its not raining.

Monday, January 25, 2010

funny baby

As a hobbyist/home-based-trying-to-be-a-business, I try really hard to be professional and make people take me seriously. Perhaps its a struggle based out of personal deficiencies, who knows. So maybe that makes me extra critical of others that are trying to do the same thing. I've always been a good speller, and maybe that makes me extra critical, too.

Today I stumbled onto these, and I just can't take them seriously. I mean, if you are going to put yourself on a tee shirt and try to sell them as a serious commodity, have someone edit them before you market them!

I found a website called Zazzle, where essentially you can put your art, sayings, ideas, etc, onto products they offer like tee shirts, skateboards, coffee mugs, and sell them. Its like having a shop on Etsy, only you dont actually make the products. You upload your images and they do the printing and shipping for you.

Here are a few blunders I found, and only while looking through the baby section!

"Be carefull I pee when I Laugh."
((well, I guess 'full' is right if you're overflowing.))

((cuz, you know, tight baby fat is awful. I'd rather have mine sagging all over, too.))

"Deport my parents. I 'am American."
(ok, most naturally born Americans don't understand the correct usage of an apostrophe either.)

"Sorry boys, Daddy says I can't date til monkey's fly out of his butt."
(right. see above.)

"honeymoon suvenier"
((although I think this is hilarious, they misspelled 'souvenir')

And... just to prove I'm not all mean:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with these other than the fact that I don't have them!

I only cry when ugly people hold me.


Monday, January 18, 2010

day 6

stupid google error message. writing this again

what is this anxiety i have about sleeping ?

a few hours ago i was getting sleepy and though 'this is it!' but now here i am and its 11pm, i'm right back where i started.

i woke up before 11 am. got up immediately and started doing things around the house. made an early dinner (super yum) and watched a movie. sigh.

back to work tomorrow. then off wednesday. then work thursday. then off fri and sat. i think pam and the kids are coming out this weekend. she hasnt confirmed but i know she will. i am excited to see the kids.

gotta get onto the crafty stuff, school starts next week! all i've done so far is super glue my thumb to the bamboo blinds i was trying to fix. there is a layer of my skin permanently hanging above my bed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

day 4

is it sad that i had to name the days with my fingers to see what # day I was on? and that I'm only on Day 4?!

My sleeping schedule is still off. I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and its keeping me up at night. My brilliant plan to read to make myself sleepy has not worked, because this book is a page turner. I cant put it down, no matter how tired I am. I'm so involved in these women, I can't wait to move on to the next happening. I'm skipping descriptive paragraphs to get to the actions, dialogue, and then rereading what I miss because I felt guilty for not experiencing the whole thing.

The cat gets the zooms each night when I come home from work. starting at the front door, tearing ass into the dining room, sommersaulting onto the rug, sliding one front and one back leg underneath it. He lifts up the rug, plays with the edge of it, meows, and zooms around the table, hauling ass into the living room, across the couch (and my head if i happen to be sitting there) onto the chair and jumps into the cardboard box sitting beneath the window. He sits in the box, staring wide eyed like he double dosed, and then starts all over again.

The dog has picked up where the husband left off and is snoring as loud as any man i've ever met.

work is keeping me busy. I'm only in for three days next week. I'm expecting two visitors, though one perhaps only for a quick dinner. working at trader joe's is making me obsessed with food. even though i dont always cook it, i have to buy it. its awful.

Friday, January 15, 2010

day 3

too blurry eyed to really write. it was my first day back to work today. it was ok. glad to have it, because it kept me busy, although the whole time i was there i wished i was at home. the dog was wailing when i came in. i'm not sure if this happens all the time and i just never caught her, or if this is a new tantrum. she was doing it when i got home from the airport on wednesday too. i hope she's not keeping the neighbors up.

yesterday was a battle of the plans, the concious effort to try and fix my sleeping schedule and the subconcious idea that if i sleep away the next six months my hubbs will be home faster. so far, i'm landing somewhere in the middle. up all night, sleep all day. that has to change soon, though. school starts in 1+ week.
i'm immersed in 'a thousand splendid suns' ...or i may have just totally butchered that title. anyway, its a fabulous book and i cant put it down. it kept me up till 2am last night ;(

will tell you how it ends, i'll probably be up to finish it tonight.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

why is it that every step in my life she finds a way to trump? my likes, collectibles, passions all become hers. she sucks the life out of me and i still cant seem to cut the strings.

Day 1

I had a bithday. Friday we went for a long drive u through La Jolla and along the hostoric hwy 101, u to the ier in Encinitas. Ive decided thats where I want to take friends and family when they come. It seemed like it was full of nice little shoing areas.

Saturday, I worked. Sunday, I worked, but bizzle gave me orange chucks, made me the choriz and coffee. Monday, he was home early and unfortunately I slet till noon. But after that, we went to acific beach to walk along the beach for a while and then had crazy burger. after dinner we took the dog to the ark u the street for a long walk. it was a good day.

Tuesday was full of running errands, last minute things before JM leaves. emotions were high, even though i didnt they think they were, and we had a little argument before dinner. but it was good, in the end, because i got all the crying out before crunch time and we were able to refresh and have a great dinner at the turkish lace we found not far from here.

we woke early, before 5am, so that i could take him to the airort. a nagging feeling made sure i grabbed my hone. we ulled into the commuter terminal, and without money to ay for arking i had to dro him at the curb. we kissed our goodbyes and i didnt feel like crying at all when i left him. i got two blocks away and he called, telling me he left his wallet in the car... which is exactly why that voice in my head told me to take my hone. so i had to turn around and take it back to him. ulling immediately into a turning lane the guy behind me felt it necessary to brake with me, even though i wasnt in front of him anymore, and honk at me all the way to the intersection. eole.

but of course without money to ay for arking i had to ark illegally outside the airort and run his wallet into him, steal another quick kiss and run right back out to my car. just as i got there some arking attendant with a big head threatened me with a ticket, but i didnt care, i just got in my car and left. and as i oened the drivers door, he yelled behind me its ok this time, but next time youll get a ticket. like he could have written one that fast anyway, i dont give a shit arking lot suer hero guy. im already in my car leaving you in the dust.

and as i got home and tried to ark the car, i got a text saying his hone was off for the flight and hell call when he gets there.

going strong so far. need a na. ive been honked at and threatened with a ticket, all before 5am. its shaing u to be a good day.

(.s. the letter after o is not working on my keyboard, neither are the quotation marks, so i hoe you can deciher my code.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sincerely, your adoring fan

although i find it utterly annoying that you post a print multiple times, i still love you. perhaps you will one day streamline the way you list your goods so that my filtered searches are less than 3,000. becauase, you know, the reality is that there are only 1,000 results but you have listed the art print, giclee print, and pre-famed options all separately. and do not sort them by the image itself, so option a may be seven pages before option b, inevitably making me look at all three listings. i hate that it takes so long to sift through your pages to find the diamond in the rough.
but, admittedly, i did look through all 3,000 listings because i was affraid i would miss something terrific. liek a moth to the flame i obsessively clicked 'next' in a fever i have never felt before. you tease me in a wicked way,
in the end my obsession paid off because i did find several perfect prints for my kitchen. but alas, my budget contraints will keep us separated for sometime to come. until then, i shall daydream of you.
someday, my dear, i'll be able to tickle your shopping cart with my debit card number and you will lovingly ship to me the goods of my desires.
someday, my dearest, someday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

and so the new year begins like this...

new year's eve, i had to work until 7. we had planned to have dinner, then go to our neighbor's house for a bit and early to bed since JM had duty friday morning at 7am. well, i came home with a very big headache. we had dinner, then sat down for tea and a movie, and were in bed by 11. oops.

friday, the hubbs went to work and i cooked a garam masala chicken/squash/spinach curry-ish and took it to him on the ship. we ate lunch together and i went back home to settle into a day of cleaning.

i super scrubbed the kitchen, then the living dining rooms, meanwhile dirtying the kitchen again. i steamed the curtains, watched a couple movies, some fraggle rock, played with the dog. rearranged the living room. it was good.

saturday, the hubbs came home early int he morning, i woke to him making coffee. we hung a new shelf in the living room. fiddled around the house for a while. then we went off to have dinner with his grandfather's old world war 2 and fellow pearl harbor survivor buddy, John Morrill. The man is getting on 90 and is still sharp and able. he gave his life story, more or less, and talked our ears off. what a man. living history. lonely, and so kind. i cant wait to see him again.

we came home and watched 9. i dont care what anyone said - i loved it. it was so creative, and the 'beasts' were fabulously creepy. cant wait to add that one to my dvd list.

this morning, we woke, made coffee, fiddled around. then took the dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. we brought her home to nap and then the hubbs and i went to balboa park and walked nearly all of it. we went through the international houses and stuffed myself on various cakes. it has been overcast, but not windy or cold, the weather was perfect for a long walk. we had a great time. i spyed the dog park there and cant wait to take grainne.

meanwhile, trying to plan a slumber party with mom and sis while the hubbs is away. he has duty again tomorrow so we're finishing up laundry and packing for his trip. its only 4pm but we've already had such a rich day. and we vowed to have more like this, rather than on the couch. its a bad habit we fall into all the time.gotta take advantage of what SD has to offer. otherwise its no good to us.

i have most of this upcoming week off, so i'm looking forward to finalizing all the cleaning that needs to be done to start the year off right, and then on to crafting!