Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 21: third day of school

(handwritten in notebook)

Groundhog day. I worked Sat and Sun, and at 8am on Monday. I slept ten hours last night but I still feel exhausted. My house is a disaster. I really have to change my habits. I'm going to drive myself crazy.

I decided I need to invest in exercise pants. I dont like this class, but I have to stick it out. I'm waiting for Spanish to begin. Yay Spanish. Drink more coffee. Yea, that'll make it better.

Spent close to $100 yesterday on snacks to send to the hubbs. I need to get a photo printed for him. ...sigh... so much to do and I dont have the energy for any of it. I'm going to consider taking Monday's off.

By the look on the face of the girl who sits in front of me, I can tell my hair looks awful. Hooray.

[yokel who came late sat in front of me only the first day. A girl named Zayra moved in front of me, next to the thermos girl, and a nice girl to my right. The four of us have been working together in Spanish class.]