Monday, February 8, 2010

day 27: short sentences are awesomeness.

i've been out three times in four days. i'm done for the year. quota met.

friday night i went to the turf club with the people upstairs. it was, actually, a lot of fun. she gets drunky fast like me. we laughed a lot.

saturday night i went to the archway, a little divey bar near work, with my buddy ian. we laughed a lot there too. and griped about work. it was theraputic.

sunday, i spent the day with the cat on the couch watching the i love lucy marathon and reading my psych book. yay no super bowl for me.

today, i worked. i got angry at work. i hate work. then i went shopping at the commissary. i hate the commissary. i bought cat food. the cat hates dog food. then i came home. the dog was angry. jake and angela were outside. i ran over to say hi, we talked for a while. they invited me over for dinner. i went. she made good soup. we talked a bit. they smoked. i came home.

i made tea. i packed my gym bag for tomorrow. its supposed to rain. lameness = walking two blocks in the rain to a smelly old gym where i'm going to sweat and get more wet. in fact, if i get too wet, i'll be damn sure to slide off the bike that is not bolted to the floor. i'm starting a food diary to go with my workout class, well, not FOR class, but to go with it for my own OCD sanity. just gonna try to learn about calories and nutrition and how to eat balanced and healthy. i bought real oranges. whoa.