Saturday, April 10, 2010

dream. t- 51 days

work in progress: tim t kidnapped my husband, but left clues all over town for me to figure out how to find him. although i couldnt figure it out. i was getting desparate, but knew that jm wouldnt be harmed. it was a puzzle tim wanted me to figure out.

twilight lighting, very green, foresty, swampy kind of setting. there were two men with me, i think one was local sheriff, a friend trying to help rather than a police investigation, and another friend who's face i never saw. first clue was a cardboard box left under a seat in the back of an old abandoned school bus in the swampy area. sheriff stayed outside the bus, the other man followed me but stayed towards the front of the bus. upon picking it up, i could hear hundreds of crickets, and something much much larger moving around. i tried to carry it out of the bus hastily, but it fell open, and a very large lizard came out, and he was mad. i cant remember what i called it, but i knew it was poisonous. so i had to swiftly maneuver around it, over seats, etc, to get out before it bit me. i recognized the lizard, and knew it had something to do with a place my husband had been.

after following another clue, i ended up at the bottom of a white stairwell, lit with a bunch of natural light from windows on the first floor, though it seemed where i was was basement level. i heard someone on the stairs and i was seconds from catching them, when suddenly i found a digital photo holder on the stairs, and i knew it was for me. it was short video of my husband telling me he loved me and urged me to hurry up and find him. then he included two videos of songs i loved, but i knew they had greater meaning. one was a man, one was a woman - though i cannot remember now what songs they were.

i went to a little eatery to sort it all out. i think i knew the poeple that worked there, or maybe i was just friendly with them from having been there before. either way, i chose a small two seater table near the cook station, that overlooked the dining area, only separated by a half-wall. it was a little dark, only lit by the large windows up front, and sort of cozy, intimate. the waitress brought me a menu, but stood there urging me to pick something without letting me read it. so i chose some sort of flavored hummus and pita. when she left, an older woman, perhaps in her 50's or 60's sat at my table across from me. she had short curly hair, she was petite and a little frail, wearing a peachy colored shirt, no makeup. i had all of the clues in my hands, fumbling through them. i was on the verge of figuring it out but felt like i needed to talk it through with someone.

i began to tell her but she stopped me, telling me stanley (sheriff friend) had already told her. instantly i wasupset that he was telling the world about my dilemma but decided to let it go and accept help from any direction. so i began reading clues to her, and the closer i got to putting it together. but i woke up, and that was that.

giving my hubbs the world

working on giant bizzle map.

A giant map for my hubbs to pin all the places he's been. I didn't mean for it to be this big.. but uh, its freakishly giant.

UPDATE: it looks GREAT hanging on our dining room wall :) You can get an idea of how big it is, at 4 ft tall by 6 ft wide.