Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's Happening: 9 weeks old

* 9\19/13: we had our first mommy melt down. He was tired and all sorts of fussy, and all he wanted was boob. He fell asleep, woke up as soon as I moved. Repeat meltdown for mommy. Mommy was doing homework though, and like a trooper, daddy figured it out and got Dojo to sleep so I could finish (and it was just enough time, too).

* ...then I steadily moved him to the bedroom. And noticed a spider on the ceiling. I grabbed tissue, got up on the way I'm getting my hand that close to it. Climbed down, got a shoe, tried to smash it into the ceiling...but no, it fell down into the Co-sleeper two inches from Dojo's face. Sigh.

* we've got nursing down. His little lips flare out and everything. Kind of looks like...what was that movie where Don Knotts turned into a fish with big lips? Yeah, looks like that.

What's Happening: 8 weeks old

* 9\13\13: Dorian rubbed his sleepy eye for the first time, for reals. No fist, he really rubbed it.
* We had our first family date that night also. Dinner with friends from out of town, and I got to wear big shoes for the first time in ages.
* 9/18/13: Dorian is two months old today! We took some pictures, did a little shopping, and had lunch with our dear friend Jene, who is expecting a little boy in October!
* He also cut his biggest, stinkiest cheese. As he was having dinner, he was squirming around the entire time, on both sides. Then he suddenly stopped moving, looked up at me through the corner of his eye, and let out a loud, stinky toot. And immediately continued sucking. Sigh. Boys.
* We are still not terribly fond of these gDiapers, but are keeping on with them until we get new ones or grow into the next size.
* Today Dojo also pushed his binky in his mouth with his open hand, like he totally meant to do it. Oh boy.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's Happening: 7 weeks old

I figured I ought to do this by Dorian's age rather than calendar, although I'll probably change that next week. Here's what's happening at 7 weeks old:

* Sunday was the boy's first football day with daddy. Dojo didn't get scared and daddy didn't scream (while baby was with him, anyway).

* Sunday was also his first day in cloth diapers!. We had to buy smaller ones because he can't fit into the ones we have. We bought gDiapers newborn bundle from Target. They use disposable (biodegradable) inserts, so its not terribly different than store bought diapers. We have had zero leaks (no poo yet) and have been able to reuse the same cover all day. We'll see how it holds up over night.
UPDATE: these are great for pee catching. But if you know what we're dealing with here, that breastfeed newborn poo is like pudding that hasn't quite set... Well it doesn't stay in these diapers very well. We're going to keep using them, because they were pricey, but were looking for other options.

* Dojo is holding his head up like a champ when you hold him at your shoulder to burp him. We've done tummy time a few times this week and he's doing great. In fact, he's starting to get pissed if you lay him down. He wants to be upright all the time so he can look around.

* The only exception here is that we bought him a play mat at the baby thrift store. So far, he's enjoying laying on it, watching the light-up turtles and looking at the orca that hangs above him.

* I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but he's discovered he can pinch things with his toes. So while I'm feeding him, he'll put his foot on my arm and pinch away.

* Finally getting thank you cards from the baby shower in the mail along with birth announcements!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This week

I figure its about time to start logging these things. Things I swear I'll never forget, while overestimating my sleep deprived memory. So here goes...

This week's happenings:

* Dorian is learning to put his fists to work. He is starting to rub his eyes when he gets sleepy, push his binky in when it starts to slip and knock it out when he's fussy. Still finding balls of lint between his fingers when he finally relaxes his hands. He's also discovered sucking on fists, which leads to the next happening...

* He gave himself a hickey on his arm.

* He is eating more, and wetting through his diapers on occasion. Three times this week so far. We bought new cloth diapers that are newborn size, so we'll be trying those tomorrow.

* We bought an owl lamp and humidifier in honor of his first cooing sound: "whoo". This week, however, mommy and daddy saying "gah" is hilarious. He hasn't quite learned to repeat that one yet.

* There were a couple of times when I felt like all I did all day long was pick his nose and get stuff out of his ears.

* I squirted myself in the face this morning. Guess I was full. Not that you needed to know that, but it seemed worth mentioning.