Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's Happening: 8 weeks old

* 9\13\13: Dorian rubbed his sleepy eye for the first time, for reals. No fist, he really rubbed it.
* We had our first family date that night also. Dinner with friends from out of town, and I got to wear big shoes for the first time in ages.
* 9/18/13: Dorian is two months old today! We took some pictures, did a little shopping, and had lunch with our dear friend Jene, who is expecting a little boy in October!
* He also cut his biggest, stinkiest cheese. As he was having dinner, he was squirming around the entire time, on both sides. Then he suddenly stopped moving, looked up at me through the corner of his eye, and let out a loud, stinky toot. And immediately continued sucking. Sigh. Boys.
* We are still not terribly fond of these gDiapers, but are keeping on with them until we get new ones or grow into the next size.
* Today Dojo also pushed his binky in his mouth with his open hand, like he totally meant to do it. Oh boy.