Monday, November 23, 2009


hubbs had a tube implanted in his mouth at the top of his gums where his upper lip meets the upper gum - where his incision was from fixing his cheekbone. it got infected and needs to drain. cah cah

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17 nov

first full day back to school. got a lot of catching up to do. jm is eating chunky soup and had a little garlic bread mush. perhaps things are looking up a little.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

15 nov 09

work today. it was ok. hard to deal with everyone asking how we are holding up. hard to talk to pam today, and to hear her cry. at some point, i'll have to come back and explain whats happened this week. i dont have the energy now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the downward spiral

and so it seems our previous landlord is willing to 'split' the difference with us, charging us nearly $700 in 'split' rent and repairs, but quoted our return at only $800, which means either they cant add or they're totally ripping us off. the repairs, by the way, were all on damages we reported when we moved in. but conveniently, they have 'lost' our check-in sheet from both the move-in and the move-out. so they cannot prove them either way. and we cant either. furthermore, in researching my rights, it seems they were supposed to provide us, in writing, an itemized request to make repairs prior to their keeping our deposit, which they did not, and they are beyond their 21 calendar day limit in keeping any funds.

so if my interpretations are correct, we are to receive our deposit in full.

however, cheryl schaumberg is now 'with another client' and will not take our call, nor will she comply with our request to return our call tomorrow i'm sure.

as soon as we can, we're going to navy legal.

neither of our schedules is forgiving at this time and we cant seem to find a moment together that we can sit in line at the legal dept for hours on end. cross your fingers for us.

oh, wait. there's more.

This just in:

JM's uniform allowance on his last check was about $300, but his uniforms will cost about $500. ha.

SWC (Southwestern College, where I currently attend) begins registration for Spring 2010 on Monday, Nov 9, 2009. My registration 'appointment' isnt until Nov 17th at 2pm. Guaranteed that classes I need will be gone. I seriously need to consider transferring to another community college, but all are facing similar problems. So is it worth it? I have to pay for my classes within 5 days of registering, or I will be dropped from all unpaid classes to make room for another student, which due to budget constraints and a rise in need, will be more strict than ever. Thanks uncle navy, cuz I can't afford to pay my own tuition next year.

SDSU (San Diego State University) has announced that it is not letting any more students attend classes in Spring 2010.Aless students will be able to attend university. Those who are accepted to begin classes next fall will be paying $600 more than students that started there this fall. The Transfer Agreement Guarantee between SDSU and SWC that currently guarantees transfer eligibility between schools is now being modified. It will state that 100% of pre-transfer requirements will have to be completed at SWC, and since SWC is cutting 467 classes there's a good chance those classes wont exist. What that means is this: Almost no one will be covered in that agreement because if a student cannot get a class they need through SWC they will not be guaranteed transfer to SDSU via the community college transfer program.

Leaving no stone unturned, California budget constraints have also forced UCs (University of California, located all over the state) to implement tuition hikes (not once, but twice) and enrollment cuts by approx 4,600 students. CSUs (California State Universities, also with multiple locations) will be cutting enrollment by 40,000 over the next year.

What does this mean? I'm phukd.

Now, I write a letter to Mr Obama.