Thursday, January 28, 2010

day 16: second day of school

(again, taken from handwritten notes in spiral notebook)

Tuesday afternoon I bought my Spanish book used, for $116. Ouch. I have to buy a dictionary and grammar book as well as the book I need for my psych class. Found a guy online that is selling the psych book for $100, which is $18 less than a used copy in the bookstore, and $56 less than the new one.I figure I'm still saving money, and I'd rather put some money back inot a student's pocket rather than the bookstore and be a part of the rip-off game. Then I have to haul ass to exercise class (and hope to one day be able to spell 'exercise' correctly -- "excercise" is incorrect, btw).

I wore my velvety jogging pants today to be ready for exercise class and feel like I'm in my pajamas. I dont know how i feel about that. Its super comfy butI also feel like I'm a little exposed. Packing a gym bag is super annoying. I have to carry my bag iwth my spanish books and another bag with toiletries and a change of clothes for gym. I'll have to inquire aobut locker usage. No time to go to my car beforehand. No parking closer to gym. I was 15 minutes later this morning than I was on Tuesday and parking was already slim (at 6:30am!). I'll have to step it up and pack breakfast each morning so I have something do while sitting in my car for half an hour before class opens. Lame. Such is college life though, I guess. I'd rather that than take the bus or walk.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

day 14: first day of school.

(taken from my spiral notebook, handwritten to avoid numbly staring at the wall)

My first class is Spanish. Here super early to find my classroom, I found it in a corner of campus I didn't know existed. Don't remember how to get back to my car, as I had to walk in circles to get here. Not sure how to get to my next class from here either.

With 25 minutes before class, 3 people stood outside the open door. Two people were already seated inside. The sun is just barely rising, campus is quiet and serene. Birds waking, chirping. We're on the 2nd floor of the building already at the highest point on campus so there is a nice view.

Ten minutes before class. I took a seat second from the front on the far left side.To my left are old dirty windows, industrial style with metal frames and chipping paint that reach to the ceiling. Beyond the trees I can see some of the high rises in downtown. People are starting to trickle in. No one's really talking, so its only scuttles, shuffles and the occasional chair squeak and anticipated student sigh.

After this I have ten minutes to get across the busy street to the fitness center. Its not on campus like at SWC. Probably an upgrade or afterthought to this old campus (built in the 20's). I hope they give us locker rooms and decent showers. I don't want to the be the girl in psych class that smells like a horse.

Fortunately, I am not the oldest student, nor the only naturally non-Spanish speaker. Hope doesn't embarrass me in the some way. What happens to that teenage fearlessness I had? isn't that supposed to get stronger with age?

Funny how, in this day and age, we forget how to write. Thanks to my ultra fast typing skills, i gave the mighty pen ages ago. two pages and my wrist hurts. can i claim some sort of student's comp for this?

Teacher is outside yacking to someone. five minutes late. Frida is on the wall with some tissue paper roses. Now he's gone... wtf?

There are old skool roll-down maps hanging above the white boards, yellowed and ripped along the edges. Overhead and projector stand, tv cart, all covered in dust. Ten minutes late. My feet are cold. I have to pee. I'm out of coffee. The girl one seat in front of me and the right has a small thermos steaming with coffee. I can smell it. I hate her. Not really. But I'd like to pull her hair and take her coffee. The teacher has disappeared. Geez. must be nice. Bet he's getting coffee, too. No one is sitting in front of me, which means that the yokel that shows up a half hour late with be my study partner...

(after class)
...This teacher is way laid back. Wearing cotton khaki from head to toe, with some casual brown loafers, salt and pepper messy curly hair, a few months after its last cut, and big unfashionable glasses to match his big beer belly. His speech is slow, like his overall mannerism, and i learned that the old guy standing outside of class this morning is the professor. Glad i didn't say something dumb to him, like 'I hate Spanish'. And yes, two girls that came in 30+ minutes late sat in front of me and to my left (there is a row of chairs lining the windows facing the rest of the class, rather than facing forward in rows like the rest of us) and they talked the whole time.

I ran into a guy in the bookstore who is in my class and he is nice. perhaps I'll buddy with him.

One hour to exercise class. Blocks to walk. Glad its not raining.

Monday, January 25, 2010

funny baby

As a hobbyist/home-based-trying-to-be-a-business, I try really hard to be professional and make people take me seriously. Perhaps its a struggle based out of personal deficiencies, who knows. So maybe that makes me extra critical of others that are trying to do the same thing. I've always been a good speller, and maybe that makes me extra critical, too.

Today I stumbled onto these, and I just can't take them seriously. I mean, if you are going to put yourself on a tee shirt and try to sell them as a serious commodity, have someone edit them before you market them!

I found a website called Zazzle, where essentially you can put your art, sayings, ideas, etc, onto products they offer like tee shirts, skateboards, coffee mugs, and sell them. Its like having a shop on Etsy, only you dont actually make the products. You upload your images and they do the printing and shipping for you.

Here are a few blunders I found, and only while looking through the baby section!

"Be carefull I pee when I Laugh."
((well, I guess 'full' is right if you're overflowing.))

((cuz, you know, tight baby fat is awful. I'd rather have mine sagging all over, too.))

"Deport my parents. I 'am American."
(ok, most naturally born Americans don't understand the correct usage of an apostrophe either.)

"Sorry boys, Daddy says I can't date til monkey's fly out of his butt."
(right. see above.)

"honeymoon suvenier"
((although I think this is hilarious, they misspelled 'souvenir')

And... just to prove I'm not all mean:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with these other than the fact that I don't have them!

I only cry when ugly people hold me.


Monday, January 18, 2010

day 6

stupid google error message. writing this again

what is this anxiety i have about sleeping ?

a few hours ago i was getting sleepy and though 'this is it!' but now here i am and its 11pm, i'm right back where i started.

i woke up before 11 am. got up immediately and started doing things around the house. made an early dinner (super yum) and watched a movie. sigh.

back to work tomorrow. then off wednesday. then work thursday. then off fri and sat. i think pam and the kids are coming out this weekend. she hasnt confirmed but i know she will. i am excited to see the kids.

gotta get onto the crafty stuff, school starts next week! all i've done so far is super glue my thumb to the bamboo blinds i was trying to fix. there is a layer of my skin permanently hanging above my bed.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

day 4

is it sad that i had to name the days with my fingers to see what # day I was on? and that I'm only on Day 4?!

My sleeping schedule is still off. I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and its keeping me up at night. My brilliant plan to read to make myself sleepy has not worked, because this book is a page turner. I cant put it down, no matter how tired I am. I'm so involved in these women, I can't wait to move on to the next happening. I'm skipping descriptive paragraphs to get to the actions, dialogue, and then rereading what I miss because I felt guilty for not experiencing the whole thing.

The cat gets the zooms each night when I come home from work. starting at the front door, tearing ass into the dining room, sommersaulting onto the rug, sliding one front and one back leg underneath it. He lifts up the rug, plays with the edge of it, meows, and zooms around the table, hauling ass into the living room, across the couch (and my head if i happen to be sitting there) onto the chair and jumps into the cardboard box sitting beneath the window. He sits in the box, staring wide eyed like he double dosed, and then starts all over again.

The dog has picked up where the husband left off and is snoring as loud as any man i've ever met.

work is keeping me busy. I'm only in for three days next week. I'm expecting two visitors, though one perhaps only for a quick dinner. working at trader joe's is making me obsessed with food. even though i dont always cook it, i have to buy it. its awful.

Friday, January 15, 2010

day 3

too blurry eyed to really write. it was my first day back to work today. it was ok. glad to have it, because it kept me busy, although the whole time i was there i wished i was at home. the dog was wailing when i came in. i'm not sure if this happens all the time and i just never caught her, or if this is a new tantrum. she was doing it when i got home from the airport on wednesday too. i hope she's not keeping the neighbors up.

yesterday was a battle of the plans, the concious effort to try and fix my sleeping schedule and the subconcious idea that if i sleep away the next six months my hubbs will be home faster. so far, i'm landing somewhere in the middle. up all night, sleep all day. that has to change soon, though. school starts in 1+ week.
i'm immersed in 'a thousand splendid suns' ...or i may have just totally butchered that title. anyway, its a fabulous book and i cant put it down. it kept me up till 2am last night ;(

will tell you how it ends, i'll probably be up to finish it tonight.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

why is it that every step in my life she finds a way to trump? my likes, collectibles, passions all become hers. she sucks the life out of me and i still cant seem to cut the strings.

Day 1

I had a bithday. Friday we went for a long drive u through La Jolla and along the hostoric hwy 101, u to the ier in Encinitas. Ive decided thats where I want to take friends and family when they come. It seemed like it was full of nice little shoing areas.

Saturday, I worked. Sunday, I worked, but bizzle gave me orange chucks, made me the choriz and coffee. Monday, he was home early and unfortunately I slet till noon. But after that, we went to acific beach to walk along the beach for a while and then had crazy burger. after dinner we took the dog to the ark u the street for a long walk. it was a good day.

Tuesday was full of running errands, last minute things before JM leaves. emotions were high, even though i didnt they think they were, and we had a little argument before dinner. but it was good, in the end, because i got all the crying out before crunch time and we were able to refresh and have a great dinner at the turkish lace we found not far from here.

we woke early, before 5am, so that i could take him to the airort. a nagging feeling made sure i grabbed my hone. we ulled into the commuter terminal, and without money to ay for arking i had to dro him at the curb. we kissed our goodbyes and i didnt feel like crying at all when i left him. i got two blocks away and he called, telling me he left his wallet in the car... which is exactly why that voice in my head told me to take my hone. so i had to turn around and take it back to him. ulling immediately into a turning lane the guy behind me felt it necessary to brake with me, even though i wasnt in front of him anymore, and honk at me all the way to the intersection. eole.

but of course without money to ay for arking i had to ark illegally outside the airort and run his wallet into him, steal another quick kiss and run right back out to my car. just as i got there some arking attendant with a big head threatened me with a ticket, but i didnt care, i just got in my car and left. and as i oened the drivers door, he yelled behind me its ok this time, but next time youll get a ticket. like he could have written one that fast anyway, i dont give a shit arking lot suer hero guy. im already in my car leaving you in the dust.

and as i got home and tried to ark the car, i got a text saying his hone was off for the flight and hell call when he gets there.

going strong so far. need a na. ive been honked at and threatened with a ticket, all before 5am. its shaing u to be a good day.

(.s. the letter after o is not working on my keyboard, neither are the quotation marks, so i hoe you can deciher my code.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sincerely, your adoring fan

although i find it utterly annoying that you post a print multiple times, i still love you. perhaps you will one day streamline the way you list your goods so that my filtered searches are less than 3,000. becauase, you know, the reality is that there are only 1,000 results but you have listed the art print, giclee print, and pre-famed options all separately. and do not sort them by the image itself, so option a may be seven pages before option b, inevitably making me look at all three listings. i hate that it takes so long to sift through your pages to find the diamond in the rough.
but, admittedly, i did look through all 3,000 listings because i was affraid i would miss something terrific. liek a moth to the flame i obsessively clicked 'next' in a fever i have never felt before. you tease me in a wicked way,
in the end my obsession paid off because i did find several perfect prints for my kitchen. but alas, my budget contraints will keep us separated for sometime to come. until then, i shall daydream of you.
someday, my dear, i'll be able to tickle your shopping cart with my debit card number and you will lovingly ship to me the goods of my desires.
someday, my dearest, someday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

and so the new year begins like this...

new year's eve, i had to work until 7. we had planned to have dinner, then go to our neighbor's house for a bit and early to bed since JM had duty friday morning at 7am. well, i came home with a very big headache. we had dinner, then sat down for tea and a movie, and were in bed by 11. oops.

friday, the hubbs went to work and i cooked a garam masala chicken/squash/spinach curry-ish and took it to him on the ship. we ate lunch together and i went back home to settle into a day of cleaning.

i super scrubbed the kitchen, then the living dining rooms, meanwhile dirtying the kitchen again. i steamed the curtains, watched a couple movies, some fraggle rock, played with the dog. rearranged the living room. it was good.

saturday, the hubbs came home early int he morning, i woke to him making coffee. we hung a new shelf in the living room. fiddled around the house for a while. then we went off to have dinner with his grandfather's old world war 2 and fellow pearl harbor survivor buddy, John Morrill. The man is getting on 90 and is still sharp and able. he gave his life story, more or less, and talked our ears off. what a man. living history. lonely, and so kind. i cant wait to see him again.

we came home and watched 9. i dont care what anyone said - i loved it. it was so creative, and the 'beasts' were fabulously creepy. cant wait to add that one to my dvd list.

this morning, we woke, made coffee, fiddled around. then took the dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. we brought her home to nap and then the hubbs and i went to balboa park and walked nearly all of it. we went through the international houses and stuffed myself on various cakes. it has been overcast, but not windy or cold, the weather was perfect for a long walk. we had a great time. i spyed the dog park there and cant wait to take grainne.

meanwhile, trying to plan a slumber party with mom and sis while the hubbs is away. he has duty again tomorrow so we're finishing up laundry and packing for his trip. its only 4pm but we've already had such a rich day. and we vowed to have more like this, rather than on the couch. its a bad habit we fall into all the time.gotta take advantage of what SD has to offer. otherwise its no good to us.

i have most of this upcoming week off, so i'm looking forward to finalizing all the cleaning that needs to be done to start the year off right, and then on to crafting!