Sunday, January 3, 2010

and so the new year begins like this...

new year's eve, i had to work until 7. we had planned to have dinner, then go to our neighbor's house for a bit and early to bed since JM had duty friday morning at 7am. well, i came home with a very big headache. we had dinner, then sat down for tea and a movie, and were in bed by 11. oops.

friday, the hubbs went to work and i cooked a garam masala chicken/squash/spinach curry-ish and took it to him on the ship. we ate lunch together and i went back home to settle into a day of cleaning.

i super scrubbed the kitchen, then the living dining rooms, meanwhile dirtying the kitchen again. i steamed the curtains, watched a couple movies, some fraggle rock, played with the dog. rearranged the living room. it was good.

saturday, the hubbs came home early int he morning, i woke to him making coffee. we hung a new shelf in the living room. fiddled around the house for a while. then we went off to have dinner with his grandfather's old world war 2 and fellow pearl harbor survivor buddy, John Morrill. The man is getting on 90 and is still sharp and able. he gave his life story, more or less, and talked our ears off. what a man. living history. lonely, and so kind. i cant wait to see him again.

we came home and watched 9. i dont care what anyone said - i loved it. it was so creative, and the 'beasts' were fabulously creepy. cant wait to add that one to my dvd list.

this morning, we woke, made coffee, fiddled around. then took the dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. we brought her home to nap and then the hubbs and i went to balboa park and walked nearly all of it. we went through the international houses and stuffed myself on various cakes. it has been overcast, but not windy or cold, the weather was perfect for a long walk. we had a great time. i spyed the dog park there and cant wait to take grainne.

meanwhile, trying to plan a slumber party with mom and sis while the hubbs is away. he has duty again tomorrow so we're finishing up laundry and packing for his trip. its only 4pm but we've already had such a rich day. and we vowed to have more like this, rather than on the couch. its a bad habit we fall into all the time.gotta take advantage of what SD has to offer. otherwise its no good to us.

i have most of this upcoming week off, so i'm looking forward to finalizing all the cleaning that needs to be done to start the year off right, and then on to crafting!