Friday, January 15, 2010

day 3

too blurry eyed to really write. it was my first day back to work today. it was ok. glad to have it, because it kept me busy, although the whole time i was there i wished i was at home. the dog was wailing when i came in. i'm not sure if this happens all the time and i just never caught her, or if this is a new tantrum. she was doing it when i got home from the airport on wednesday too. i hope she's not keeping the neighbors up.

yesterday was a battle of the plans, the concious effort to try and fix my sleeping schedule and the subconcious idea that if i sleep away the next six months my hubbs will be home faster. so far, i'm landing somewhere in the middle. up all night, sleep all day. that has to change soon, though. school starts in 1+ week.
i'm immersed in 'a thousand splendid suns' ...or i may have just totally butchered that title. anyway, its a fabulous book and i cant put it down. it kept me up till 2am last night ;(

will tell you how it ends, i'll probably be up to finish it tonight.