Monday, January 18, 2010

day 6

stupid google error message. writing this again

what is this anxiety i have about sleeping ?

a few hours ago i was getting sleepy and though 'this is it!' but now here i am and its 11pm, i'm right back where i started.

i woke up before 11 am. got up immediately and started doing things around the house. made an early dinner (super yum) and watched a movie. sigh.

back to work tomorrow. then off wednesday. then work thursday. then off fri and sat. i think pam and the kids are coming out this weekend. she hasnt confirmed but i know she will. i am excited to see the kids.

gotta get onto the crafty stuff, school starts next week! all i've done so far is super glue my thumb to the bamboo blinds i was trying to fix. there is a layer of my skin permanently hanging above my bed.


Fury said...

You have alot on your mind ma dear. It's natural that with JM gone and everything that changes in your life that your mind has the zooms. Set a schedule and get some OTC sleepers or Sleepytime tea and lavender. Then get in bed and stay there no matter how bad you want to get up.

Yeah. Gotcha. lol

LMAO!I can picture you giving a tour of the place, " Here's the living room and dining room- notice the nice hardwood floors, here's the bathroom- note the vintage tub and fixtures, here's the bedroom- note the piece of my thumb hanging above the bed..."