Sunday, May 23, 2010


so i finally got my craft space cleaned up (mostly). and immediately mucked it up again. BUT, i made some perdy baubles. now i'm on a hunt for their perfect matching ribbons, and will have them up in my etsy shop within the week :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

totally frustrated.

i ran out of cereal. i thought the world would end.

today, i bought cereal, and on those cereal boxes were 'box tops for education' coupons. so i clipped them.

and then i googled it, cuz i have no clue how this works. so after a daunting 5 minute search through their website without getting any clear information about this program and how it works (other than lists and lists of products that qualify), i figured i would have to sign up for it to get more details.

so i did, and then i didnt get any more info. in fact, i even researched a few schools in my area to find one that looked like they could really use the help, but still couldnt find a 'hey dummy, this is how the program works' page. all i want to know is what to do with the stupid coupons after i cut them out!

finally, after ten minutes and talking myself out of giving up, i checked the faq page to find one little sentence that says 'send your coupons to your school's coordinator and they'll send in the coupons for the school'.

ok. whew. check on the school, and ... what? no address, no phone number, and the coordinator 'has chosen not to receive emails for the box tops program'. well no f*ing wonder they've only raised $25!!

what now? i'm going to eat said cereal and calm my nerves, then choose another school - preferably one with a contact who doesn't want to be a secret.

UPDATE: school #2 - ..sigh.. they don't even have a coordinator for this program.