Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so i'm sitting in the coffee bean and tea leaf. my noon class was cancelled, leaving me with three hours to kill before bio lab. without any lunch to speak of and no enthralling religious discussion to take my mind off of hunger pains, i decided to take the quick jaunt to work to grab a wrap, and head to TCB&TL to make use of their free wi-fi... upon entering, there is a set of three cushy chairs around a marble-esque table on the left side, a cushy chair solo in the right, and a handful of small wood tables and chairs about. there was a businessy man camped in the middle of the three cushy chairs, so i camped in the solo cushy chair on the right. after a handful of minutes typing away here, i just had to look up. and he was staring at me. not like the, we just happened to look up at the same time kind of staring.. it was the i looked over and got lost and so i'm just going to keep staring at you with a look on my face that makes you not really want to know whats going on inside my head cuz i'm a creepy office predator kind-of-stare.

so yeah.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

melissa's bachelorette

last night we took melissa to dinner at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix to celebrate her marriage. She wanted the four of us to get all gussied up and have a nice dinner, rather than a rediculous embarrassing bachelorette party.

We got lost, of course, getting to the mansion. The home is beautiful, though under-budgeted and not as upkept as I'd have imagined. You are free to wander the home, but most rooms are either empty or filled with large tables and chairs for banquets or meetings.
dinner is a relatively private room, only six tables, seated in a room full of floor to ceiling windows with a view of the city from the Biltmore looking south. Dinner was delish, with complimentary champagne, and desert was fab.

All in all, it was a wonderful night. I wanted just an evening with the girls, a time to relax with friends and thats exactly what we did. I feel a peace in me that i've been missing for a while with such a hectic schedule and no friends to spend time with. Melissa had an equally lovely time, and that is really what matters most.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

sigh of relief

i hit a breaking point yesterday, emotional, zombified and exhausted - i've been going 7 days a week and havnt had a full day off in close to a month. i've gotten to the point that all i do when i'm home is sleep. the house is a MESS, which stresses me out. i've lost all energy to cook, so i've been eating poorly, which doesnt help my energy level. i'm so tired, in fact, that i've been making lots of mistakes. i miskeyed my acct number on two bills and racked up $50 in charges. i'm a zombie at work, which is dangerous. money has been a huge stressor since JM left (long story). so i went on a binge and ordered a pair of shoes from DSW (they had a big online clearance event) and stupid fedex turned the pkg over the post office to deliver - AND I'VE LOST MY MAIL KEY! so there's a fabulous pair of brand new shoes sitting in our mailbox and i cant get to them. taunting me. i have two tests this coming week that i'm not prepared for. i work tonight till 10pm, open tomorrow at 7am with school till 7pm, then tuesday school runs from 930am to 7pm, wednesday i work at 830am with school till 730pm, and thursday runs school at 9am with work till 10pm. i just cant catch a break.

so i broke down and rearranged my work availability. starting ths week, with my trip to phoenix, i have every friday off until the holidays. So, friday... yeah, i can hardly wait. i'm so excited i can barely stand it.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

totally overwhelmed...

i havn't had a day off since i was sick almost three weeks ago, and that was only because i missed two days of school in a flu coma on the couch. i am totally wiped out.

next weekend i am travelling to phx for a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, and two birthday parties. two weeks ago i dreamed that i was at work on the night of bachelorette party and that everyone was so mad at me for being late... so i asked one of the managers to double check that i had requested the right days off because i was worried. we checked, and the dates were correct. so when i got to work yesterday and checked my schedule for next week - lo and behold they scheduled me to work on friday. i had to leave a note for the schedule girl to let her know, and i also asked her to give me a permanent day off on the weekend so that i can at least have one day off a week. we'll pick up that discussion when i get in today. who knows how that will go over.

i really wish i could just be unemployed again and focus on school. i have two tests this week that i am not prepared for. homework aplenty that i havn't done. packing to do. apt hunting that needs to be done. laundry. house cleaning. all things i just cant get done with four hours a day that i have to myself. on top of the stress of our growing financial obligations, and loneliness of my husband having been gone for six weeks...i'm loosing it, sincerely.

i'm going to offer my shift to anyone who wants it tomorrow. tampon-and-tequila girl at work is always begging for hours. if she wants it, she can have it.

and now i have 35 minutes before i have to get ready for work...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

another day.

waiting for the hubbs to call.

i packed my books and dvds today. i bathed the dog last night, so she's fresh and clean today. her belly is red and irritated from the fleas. poor thing. hopefully we killed them all.

i felt productive for a while. then i went to my biology class. then i came home, with intent to be much more productive, but sat down to eat dinner and watch the new ghost hunters and havnt moved since.

i should sleep soon, too. school tomorrow morning.

but i dont have to work tomorrow. i need to decide how to spend my afternoon: homework, housework, or relaxing.