Sunday, September 13, 2009

sigh of relief

i hit a breaking point yesterday, emotional, zombified and exhausted - i've been going 7 days a week and havnt had a full day off in close to a month. i've gotten to the point that all i do when i'm home is sleep. the house is a MESS, which stresses me out. i've lost all energy to cook, so i've been eating poorly, which doesnt help my energy level. i'm so tired, in fact, that i've been making lots of mistakes. i miskeyed my acct number on two bills and racked up $50 in charges. i'm a zombie at work, which is dangerous. money has been a huge stressor since JM left (long story). so i went on a binge and ordered a pair of shoes from DSW (they had a big online clearance event) and stupid fedex turned the pkg over the post office to deliver - AND I'VE LOST MY MAIL KEY! so there's a fabulous pair of brand new shoes sitting in our mailbox and i cant get to them. taunting me. i have two tests this coming week that i'm not prepared for. i work tonight till 10pm, open tomorrow at 7am with school till 7pm, then tuesday school runs from 930am to 7pm, wednesday i work at 830am with school till 730pm, and thursday runs school at 9am with work till 10pm. i just cant catch a break.

so i broke down and rearranged my work availability. starting ths week, with my trip to phoenix, i have every friday off until the holidays. So, friday... yeah, i can hardly wait. i'm so excited i can barely stand it.


Fury said...

YAY!! Good for you! Not worth killing yourself over. You HAVE to have time for yourself, even if just to sleep. Now to find that key...I'm dying for ya on that one!