Saturday, September 19, 2009

melissa's bachelorette

last night we took melissa to dinner at the Wrigley Mansion in Phoenix to celebrate her marriage. She wanted the four of us to get all gussied up and have a nice dinner, rather than a rediculous embarrassing bachelorette party.

We got lost, of course, getting to the mansion. The home is beautiful, though under-budgeted and not as upkept as I'd have imagined. You are free to wander the home, but most rooms are either empty or filled with large tables and chairs for banquets or meetings.
dinner is a relatively private room, only six tables, seated in a room full of floor to ceiling windows with a view of the city from the Biltmore looking south. Dinner was delish, with complimentary champagne, and desert was fab.

All in all, it was a wonderful night. I wanted just an evening with the girls, a time to relax with friends and thats exactly what we did. I feel a peace in me that i've been missing for a while with such a hectic schedule and no friends to spend time with. Melissa had an equally lovely time, and that is really what matters most.