Tuesday, September 29, 2009


so i'm sitting in the coffee bean and tea leaf. my noon class was cancelled, leaving me with three hours to kill before bio lab. without any lunch to speak of and no enthralling religious discussion to take my mind off of hunger pains, i decided to take the quick jaunt to work to grab a wrap, and head to TCB&TL to make use of their free wi-fi... upon entering, there is a set of three cushy chairs around a marble-esque table on the left side, a cushy chair solo in the right, and a handful of small wood tables and chairs about. there was a businessy man camped in the middle of the three cushy chairs, so i camped in the solo cushy chair on the right. after a handful of minutes typing away here, i just had to look up. and he was staring at me. not like the, we just happened to look up at the same time kind of staring.. it was the i looked over and got lost and so i'm just going to keep staring at you with a look on my face that makes you not really want to know whats going on inside my head cuz i'm a creepy office predator kind-of-stare.

so yeah.