Thursday, November 21, 2013

What's happening: 17 weeks

11/18/13  4 months old today! Dojo learned to spit and pthbbbb his lips. It's all he did at our WIC appointment. He's a whopping 10 lbs 7 Oz. 

I HateThisPhone.

18 weeks

11/21/2013: I'm really pushing the limits of sleep deprivation at this point. More so than after he was born. He's been getting up around 2-3 am, which is fine, except I have not been able to go back to sleep aftewards. So when he wakes at 5, and 6, and 7, I'm stuck without a nap. Last night, i tried to nap at 530, but his Crappy Hour began and hubbs really had a hard time with it. Poor guy - best he knows to do is change Dojo's diaper, so I think I overheard 3 diaper changes in about 45 minutes. I got up and took the baby to bed with me. Dojo immediately went to sleep, but I just laid there. I got up at 830 when hubbs came to bed and stood in a hot shower. Then I was even more awake. Make some tea, did the dishes, and some homework. Finally went to bed at 11, but D woke up at 1130, and every hour after that. It was a rough night. Teething most likely. His fussenstein moments are getting more frequent. Still, compared to other babies he's pretty mild. It's raining today, too bad i have to go to school.

11/22/13  had coffee with the girls today, it was like having a daycare in my living room.  Dojo was so good, squealing and squawking. I got some full laughs this evening, on video too. Will add them to the website soon.

It was a good weekend. D is sleeping better almost instantly. Sleeps from about 7 pm to 2 am, then again until 6 am  .. More or less. I woke up Saturday morning so energized I swear Hubbs gave me regular coffee. I took Dojo to a couple of farmers markets to give Hubbs time alone for homework. Baby was so good, I think he really enjoyed being outdoors. The lady who owns the sandwich ship adores him. She is usually pretty stone faced, but as son as she sees him she smiles and comes to talk to him.

This kid's smile its more effective than a thousand Care Bear Stares at warming a cold heart.

11/26/13: Dojo got his second shots. He weighed in at 10lbs 10 oz,  23.25 inches. The doctor says he's only in the 2ND percentile, but its ok. He's healthy and happy. He's tracking well, rolling from back to side (though not all the way over yet) and we are practicing sitting up. He does ok for a second but his head makes him slowly lean until he falls over.

11/27/13: I keep having dreams about Dojo talking. He's his normal many body, but speaks clear English. The first dream a couple weeks ago was about me talking to his reincarnated spirit of Billy the Kid. Last night, the dream was of me trying to pot him back to sleep after he cried out, then said "My real mother left me a long time ago." And when I tried to comfort him I realized he war possessed and I started yelling asst whatever it was to get out of my son.

Clearly, I cannot handle getting more sleep. My brain is freaking out.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's happening: 15 weeks

Our first Halloween and Dia de los muertos. He didn't mind his hat or beard at all. We had two groups of trick-or-treaters, that's all.
We had a bbq for day of the dead. He loved seeing people and was mesmerized by the fire. Such a good baby.
The crows arrived today (11/4). It's all I can hear outside. Dojo doesn't seem to notice, he's sleeping right through them.
He may be showing signs of sleep problems, but I'm not sure. He wimpers and cries in his sleep, and is starting to kick and flail around while he's in bed with me. I asked uncle Google, who brought up night terrors, but none of the articles mentioned this in infants. They said it usually starts at 18 mos or toddler years. Other boards said that lack of sleep during the day leads to lack of sleep at night, which could be the case. He only cat naps during the day for 20 minutes at a time. So, we're going to try to nap every hour to see if that helps.