Saturday, September 12, 2009

totally overwhelmed...

i havn't had a day off since i was sick almost three weeks ago, and that was only because i missed two days of school in a flu coma on the couch. i am totally wiped out.

next weekend i am travelling to phx for a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, and two birthday parties. two weeks ago i dreamed that i was at work on the night of bachelorette party and that everyone was so mad at me for being late... so i asked one of the managers to double check that i had requested the right days off because i was worried. we checked, and the dates were correct. so when i got to work yesterday and checked my schedule for next week - lo and behold they scheduled me to work on friday. i had to leave a note for the schedule girl to let her know, and i also asked her to give me a permanent day off on the weekend so that i can at least have one day off a week. we'll pick up that discussion when i get in today. who knows how that will go over.

i really wish i could just be unemployed again and focus on school. i have two tests this week that i am not prepared for. homework aplenty that i havn't done. packing to do. apt hunting that needs to be done. laundry. house cleaning. all things i just cant get done with four hours a day that i have to myself. on top of the stress of our growing financial obligations, and loneliness of my husband having been gone for six weeks...i'm loosing it, sincerely.

i'm going to offer my shift to anyone who wants it tomorrow. tampon-and-tequila girl at work is always begging for hours. if she wants it, she can have it.

and now i have 35 minutes before i have to get ready for work...


Fury said...

hang in there