Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sincerely, your adoring fan

although i find it utterly annoying that you post a print multiple times, i still love you. perhaps you will one day streamline the way you list your goods so that my filtered searches are less than 3,000. becauase, you know, the reality is that there are only 1,000 results but you have listed the art print, giclee print, and pre-famed options all separately. and do not sort them by the image itself, so option a may be seven pages before option b, inevitably making me look at all three listings. i hate that it takes so long to sift through your pages to find the diamond in the rough.
but, admittedly, i did look through all 3,000 listings because i was affraid i would miss something terrific. liek a moth to the flame i obsessively clicked 'next' in a fever i have never felt before. you tease me in a wicked way,
in the end my obsession paid off because i did find several perfect prints for my kitchen. but alas, my budget contraints will keep us separated for sometime to come. until then, i shall daydream of you.
someday, my dear, i'll be able to tickle your shopping cart with my debit card number and you will lovingly ship to me the goods of my desires.
someday, my dearest, someday.


Fury said...

Hahaha. I know this tease well! They key is to click on the image you like and it will usually show you the other sizes it comes in. Or is that Hmmm so many teases...hard to tell them apart. One of them just sent me a message that my wish list was going to be deleted due to website changes. Unavoidable. SAD