Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 1

I had a bithday. Friday we went for a long drive u through La Jolla and along the hostoric hwy 101, u to the ier in Encinitas. Ive decided thats where I want to take friends and family when they come. It seemed like it was full of nice little shoing areas.

Saturday, I worked. Sunday, I worked, but bizzle gave me orange chucks, made me the choriz and coffee. Monday, he was home early and unfortunately I slet till noon. But after that, we went to acific beach to walk along the beach for a while and then had crazy burger. after dinner we took the dog to the ark u the street for a long walk. it was a good day.

Tuesday was full of running errands, last minute things before JM leaves. emotions were high, even though i didnt they think they were, and we had a little argument before dinner. but it was good, in the end, because i got all the crying out before crunch time and we were able to refresh and have a great dinner at the turkish lace we found not far from here.

we woke early, before 5am, so that i could take him to the airort. a nagging feeling made sure i grabbed my hone. we ulled into the commuter terminal, and without money to ay for arking i had to dro him at the curb. we kissed our goodbyes and i didnt feel like crying at all when i left him. i got two blocks away and he called, telling me he left his wallet in the car... which is exactly why that voice in my head told me to take my hone. so i had to turn around and take it back to him. ulling immediately into a turning lane the guy behind me felt it necessary to brake with me, even though i wasnt in front of him anymore, and honk at me all the way to the intersection. eole.

but of course without money to ay for arking i had to ark illegally outside the airort and run his wallet into him, steal another quick kiss and run right back out to my car. just as i got there some arking attendant with a big head threatened me with a ticket, but i didnt care, i just got in my car and left. and as i oened the drivers door, he yelled behind me its ok this time, but next time youll get a ticket. like he could have written one that fast anyway, i dont give a shit arking lot suer hero guy. im already in my car leaving you in the dust.

and as i got home and tried to ark the car, i got a text saying his hone was off for the flight and hell call when he gets there.

going strong so far. need a na. ive been honked at and threatened with a ticket, all before 5am. its shaing u to be a good day.

(.s. the letter after o is not working on my keyboard, neither are the quotation marks, so i hoe you can deciher my code.


Fury said...

hahaha I was wondering what was u with all the arking and hone and slet. lol

I know the feeling. You think "Wow, im holding u really well" then the dam bursts, and you go" well shit". But then you feel better and move on.