Monday, January 25, 2010

funny baby

As a hobbyist/home-based-trying-to-be-a-business, I try really hard to be professional and make people take me seriously. Perhaps its a struggle based out of personal deficiencies, who knows. So maybe that makes me extra critical of others that are trying to do the same thing. I've always been a good speller, and maybe that makes me extra critical, too.

Today I stumbled onto these, and I just can't take them seriously. I mean, if you are going to put yourself on a tee shirt and try to sell them as a serious commodity, have someone edit them before you market them!

I found a website called Zazzle, where essentially you can put your art, sayings, ideas, etc, onto products they offer like tee shirts, skateboards, coffee mugs, and sell them. Its like having a shop on Etsy, only you dont actually make the products. You upload your images and they do the printing and shipping for you.

Here are a few blunders I found, and only while looking through the baby section!

"Be carefull I pee when I Laugh."
((well, I guess 'full' is right if you're overflowing.))

((cuz, you know, tight baby fat is awful. I'd rather have mine sagging all over, too.))

"Deport my parents. I 'am American."
(ok, most naturally born Americans don't understand the correct usage of an apostrophe either.)

"Sorry boys, Daddy says I can't date til monkey's fly out of his butt."
(right. see above.)

"honeymoon suvenier"
((although I think this is hilarious, they misspelled 'souvenir')

And... just to prove I'm not all mean:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with these other than the fact that I don't have them!

I only cry when ugly people hold me.