Thursday, January 28, 2010

day 16: second day of school

(again, taken from handwritten notes in spiral notebook)

Tuesday afternoon I bought my Spanish book used, for $116. Ouch. I have to buy a dictionary and grammar book as well as the book I need for my psych class. Found a guy online that is selling the psych book for $100, which is $18 less than a used copy in the bookstore, and $56 less than the new one.I figure I'm still saving money, and I'd rather put some money back inot a student's pocket rather than the bookstore and be a part of the rip-off game. Then I have to haul ass to exercise class (and hope to one day be able to spell 'exercise' correctly -- "excercise" is incorrect, btw).

I wore my velvety jogging pants today to be ready for exercise class and feel like I'm in my pajamas. I dont know how i feel about that. Its super comfy butI also feel like I'm a little exposed. Packing a gym bag is super annoying. I have to carry my bag iwth my spanish books and another bag with toiletries and a change of clothes for gym. I'll have to inquire aobut locker usage. No time to go to my car beforehand. No parking closer to gym. I was 15 minutes later this morning than I was on Tuesday and parking was already slim (at 6:30am!). I'll have to step it up and pack breakfast each morning so I have something do while sitting in my car for half an hour before class opens. Lame. Such is college life though, I guess. I'd rather that than take the bus or walk.