Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's Happening: 9 weeks old

* 9\19/13: we had our first mommy melt down. He was tired and all sorts of fussy, and all he wanted was boob. He fell asleep, woke up as soon as I moved. Repeat meltdown for mommy. Mommy was doing homework though, and like a trooper, daddy figured it out and got Dojo to sleep so I could finish (and it was just enough time, too).

* ...then I steadily moved him to the bedroom. And noticed a spider on the ceiling. I grabbed tissue, got up on the way I'm getting my hand that close to it. Climbed down, got a shoe, tried to smash it into the ceiling...but no, it fell down into the Co-sleeper two inches from Dojo's face. Sigh.

* we've got nursing down. His little lips flare out and everything. Kind of looks like...what was that movie where Don Knotts turned into a fish with big lips? Yeah, looks like that.