Sunday, February 14, 2010

day 33: valentines day

the dog is sniffing at the front door. she was barking a few minutes ago, but there is no one outside. i don't know what the deal is, but she's making me worry.

anyway, today was a fabulous day. i woke up when the neighbors started banging on my ceiling (they are replacing their flooring), about 930. i was having dreams about real-life zombie games. i had to go from 'scene' to 'scene' and complete the puzzle before the zombie came to life and ate me. for example: i came upon a house, where on the front porch were two tombstones. the left was the wife, the dead, on the right the husband, the undead. their faces were on the tombstones, which is why it was sort of game-ish, and on each a vial of their blood. in life, they had been motorcycle lovers, taking long rides together. it is also what killed them. beside their tombstones was a replica of their bike, some black harley-chopper stylie thing with flames on it. sort of circa 1950s. anyway, i was suppose to take the vial of blood off of each tombstone and splash it on the bike along with some sawdust, then vacuum it off to exemplify their death and clean rebirth into the afterlife. However, as soon as i took the vial off of the tombstones, they began to wake. when i took the vial from the wife's tombstone, her face came to life and began to scream. the trick was to do the motorcycle part quickly and as quietly as possible because if her undead husband woke completely, either by the sound of her screaming or the sound of my cleaning, he'd eat us both. needless to say i failed.

when i woke up, i stumbled out to let the dog into the front yard and accidentally followed her. when i got to the porch i realized how beautiful and warm it was outside, so i decided to put some shorts on, grab my hat, and go for a walk. halfway through the walk i decided it would be a perfect day to take her to the beach, so we headed home. as soon as i opened the front door, i realized how un-fresh my house was; dirty, cold and dark. so i opened up all the windows and spent the day spring cleaning. sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting. it was a fabulous therapeutic thing to do. airing out the house felt great.

i was supposed to meet a kid from class to study for our spanish test this week, which quickly turned into an odd awkward thing. instead of mutually meeting somewhere, i went to pick him up, then drove back to my neighborhood to the local coffee shop. we were there for less than two hours and he called it quits. we got no mutual studying done, cuz we couldnt agree on what we needed to work on and he gabbed most of the time, afterward proclaiming how great he thought we worked together and wants to study each week. he's super nice, but a little spacey. so i took him home, and came home to study on my own. i made flashcards and watched most of a movie i didnt really like, which was odd because it was an Audrey Hepburn flick, with an old Carey grant.

i decided that since it was slow and annoying, and i'd take gene Kelly over Carey grant any day, i gave up spanish and moved to the couch to watch singin' in the rain.

i'm on day three of my super renew beauty routine (ie livestrong "my plate", and tee tree miracle waffles + teeth whitening strips before bed). just simply doing the same thing each day is making me feel good. i've never been one for any kind of routine other than washing my hair before i condition it (which i've been known to screw up), so this is a nice change.

the hubbs called tonight, but i missed it. i didnt recognize the phone number so i didnt answer it :( i tried to call right back but it went to a voicemail. happy valentines day indeed.