Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland release party at Syrah

last night was a lot of fun. there was a guy dressed like the burton mad hatter, but he was shorter than me, lol, so he was like a mad-oompaloompa-er. i would really like to go back on a regular day to see what Syrah is like - apparently they had an interior decorater for the party. 

the bar itself is under ground, so you have to go down stairs to get there. at the bottom of the stairs are three ways: straight ahead to a locked door covered in graffitti, then to the right in a little cave that i think is like a janitor's area, then a door on the left that is totally camoflauged with some plastic clover leafy stuff that is also all over the wall. (apparently, they have a camera set up outside to catch people utterly confused and play it on a big screen tv by the bar for entertainment. we, fortunately, missed out on that embarrassment because they had the alice trailer playing over and over and over). 

once inside, more walls were covered with the clover leavesy things. the table where the greeter girl stood was covered with stacks of old books, a big rabbit lamp, and teapots/cups. there were giant butterflys everywhere on the walls and ceiling. they had really awesome blown glass snail lamps on the ceiling in the very center of the room, too. hanging down above the bar were teapots spilling out greenery, and more bflys.

 the bar itself is really neat, not huge, but totally casual and relaxing feeling. there were big barrel lamps hanging and i got the impression that the clover things and many other decor items are normal, meant to make the place look like a vineyard. its very organic and cozy. i took some pictures with my phone but the lighting was so dim they didnt really come out well (as you can tell). 

All in all it was fun to get out on a school night, haha. ((Devlyn, Me, Zayra)