Saturday, August 21, 2010

no more family guy before bed.

i dreamed last night that a friend found azreal and a kitten in the hands of some bastard little kid who was 'making sandwiches' out of them by pressing them onto hot skillets on the stove, and burned their skin on both their backs and bellies. we had to clean them up and peel crispy black skin off them and try to help them heal. and i also dreamed that rebecca and i were in taco bell, and before our order came up, when it was all sprawled on the counter, a group of people came in behind us and threw their little kid onto the counter to 'go find us some service' and he smooshed my cheeesy gordita crunch. so i pulled the kid off the counter and started a fight with the giant fat bald man who started the whole thing, then when large fights ensued i took the kid and ran. wtf is wrong with me?