Tuesday, August 24, 2010


the dog barfed on the living room rug. then ate it. the cat peed on the bathroom rug. three times. i think he's getting a UTI again. and is chewing all of his hair off. again. so i spend too much time digging in my closet and begin to run late for school. when i get there, i see parking-ticket-guy issuing tickets already. so i find a space far away from normal, walk to the daily-permit machine, and it wont take my money. so i walk back to my car and drive all the way to the front of campus and park in the visitor section so i can get change and try to buy a permit. the lady tells me there's a change machine behind the building (wtf isnt it next to the permit machine?!). so i walk over. get change for the only $5 bill in my wallet - hooray! $5 in quarters! i walk back to the permit machine, pay my $3 in quarters to get my dinky little parking permit for the day, and walk back to my, get in it, and drive all the way around to the first parking lot i was in. fortunately, now i can find a space closer to where i need to be and park in it. i make a point of placing the permit in the center of my windsheild where it cant be covered by the military stickers or other nonsense. i go to class. i walk all the way back to my car. there's a parking ticket. three inches away from the parking permit. WTF?! i peel it off. read it, thinking this cant be real, is that guy an I-D-ten-T or what? well, yes, he is, because he put my license as a CA plate. so anyway, i get in my car and drive all the way back to the lady in the little police building next to the visitor's lot. she tells me she cant help me, i have to go to the campus police office in the center of campus. well F, i have another class to go to. so i get back in my car, drive back all the way around campus and park, fortunately, right outside my next class. still 45 minutes to burn, so i walk to the campus police office. she cant do anything if i still have a class to go to because she wants to keep my parking permit to void the ticket. so i walk all the way back to my car, half expecting there to be another ticket in the window (there wasn't, thank goodness for him) and sit for a minute. hot and angry, i want a soda. my water is hot, i'm hot, i'm starting to feel a sinus infection coming on, my head hurts, i need a soda. so i grab $1.25 in my new shiny quarters and head to the cafeteria. never been in there before, lets see what they have to offer. no soda's under $1.40, foundtain drink is cheapest at $1.20, but without my ID (which i left int he car) they charge sales tax and i wouldn't have enough. so i wander to a soda machine. no cans. all bottles. no prices. the smallest bag of cheetos was a $1.25 so i figured the soda would be worse. when did they get so expensive? water was even more pricey in the cafe and i decided i couldnt afford to look at juice! so walked back to my car. grumbled, and decided to ditch my next class and take my grumpy ass home and go back to bed.
i get home. i let the dog out. i wash the cat. and i make a sandwich. that was it, for a few hours i lay on the couch burning up and ignoring the tv. i tried to read a textbook but i couldnt digest anything.
thanks poor schools for cutting back on your janitorial services and keeping your classroom dirty and germ-infested. i've been in class one week and am already sick. every semester here, EVERY ONE, i get sick right at the beginning and it throws me off for a while, i get behind in class and have to work hard to catch up. stupid public schools. stupid california. grumble grumble grumble...