Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Noms Challenge: Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

Since I've joined Pinterest, I've been simply obsessed with recipes. That's right: Noms. Crockpot recipes. Cookie recipes. Muffin recipes. Cookie recipes. Cake recipes. Drink recipes. Casserole recipes. Cookie recipes. Cookie recipes, and more cookie recipes. I figure, its about time I start actually making them! So, here it is - my first official Pinterest Noms Challenge.

I admit, I tried this recipe a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting this. You can see that my priorities have been in eating cookies and pinning more recipes rather than sharing my joys with the rest of you. My apologies.

Strawberries were fresh in season and on the cheap, so I picked this divine little recipe to do up some strawberry shortcake cookies as found here, via Pinterest. 

Chop up the berries and toss them with the lemon juice and sugar. Easy peasy.

Things got a little complicated along the way, but I learned a few things as I went!

First: Get the right tools. Cutting butter into a dry mix was a first for me and I must admit that trying to do it with two butter knives is a lot more difficult to a newb' than people might admit. Cutting up the butter into chunks is helpful, but using a pastry cutter is really the easiest way to cut it into the dry mix (in my opinion). 

Second: Dont panic and add water - the strawberries will add all the moisture you'll need! When I mixed the ingredients together, it seemed so dry, I thought there'd be no way in H-e-double-hocky sticks that this would ever make a cookie. So I added a little water until the batter seemed cookie-ish. When I mixed in the strawberries, however, I realized that moisture from the berries was all I would have needed... d'oh. But it wasn't so moist that it all fell apart, so it worked out ok in the end.

Third: flick some flour onto the stove. That's not really something I learned. I was already good at it. It makes cleaning up so much more interesting. ..sigh..

Fourth: I do not recommend using a silicon baking mat for these cookies as I found that places where the strawberries ended up on the bottom burned to the mat so badly that I couldn't clean them off.

But when its all done, the cookies are divine. Soft, fluffy and seriously taste like strawberry shortcake. I'll be digging around Kelsey's blog a little more to see what other goodies she's cooked up! I recommend keeping them refrigerated...if they last more than one day ;)

 And, I admit I will be a little less hesitant to try new recipes found on Pinterest from now on!