Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The CPJE: 27 Weeks

Here we are, the end of the second trimester is quickly approaching!

Baby Dojo has developed two types of movement: kicking/punching/twitching and summersaulting/pushing through my belly button. All of which are visible. The kicking/punching/twitching is nothing new, just getting ever so frequent and is visible through my clothing. In fact, he is punching/kicking/twitching so hard that it makes my hand jump if I'm holding my belly.

The summersaulting, however, is enough to make me stop in my tracks. I dont know exactly what he is doing, but he moves around in such a way that I sometimes get motion sickness just sitting still. When this feeling comes on, I know that if I look down I'll have Quasi Moto belly where a great part of him is sticking out in a weird way. And if I watch long enough, that lump will visibly move across my skin. It feels as though he's trying to push through the front/side of my belly. This week, he's riding low and heavy and I feel like I need to walk around holding my belly up. Oh the waddle.

And sleep? What's that? I'm getting weird back pain and just can't get comfortable. I toss and turn like a rotisserie chicken during the night, and am still waking up at 3-4 a.m. I have to stop several times a day and, bending at the waist, rest my arms and head on the counter or the bed or the back of the couch so that I can stretch my back. If I decide to get pregnant again, I think I should become a weight trainer so that I am strong enough to handle this ball on my belly. I'm not used to being this weak (no jokes, please). I really think I've had trouble gaining weight (according to the scales) because I'm actually losing all of my muscles. I'm going to be spaghetti limbs here in a little while, I swear.

Since strawberries have been on sale the last two weeks, I've probably eaten my weight in them. And grapes. And chicken salad. And potato chips with onion dip. And I discovered Sprout's Oat Bran bread - holy mama that stuff is goooood. I just wish they accepted WIC, because I'd do nearly all of my shopping there now. As it is, I have to go to three stores every week (Sprouts for their fruit, and now bread; the commissary for paper goods, OJ, and WIC stuff; and Trader Joe's for everything else! When did this get so complicated?!) But I digress...

Of course, I failed the 3-week-early glucose test and had to take the 3-hour test. Which meant I had to fast for 12 hours, go to the hospital, get my base blood drawn, then drink down a thick red goo and wait an hour. Get blood drawn again, wait an hour, draw blood, wait an hour, and draw blood a fourth time - all without eating. When all was said and done, it was 15 hours without food. I was light headed, nauseated and uncomfortable the whole time. I got through until about 10 minutes before my last blood draw and then had to run to the bathroom to get sick. I was terrified they'd make me reschedule and do it all over again, but since I was so close to the last draw they let me go ahead and finish it. Fingers crossed that I don't fail this one!

Overall, though, I'm feeling good and staying positive and trying to enjoy it all. I spend a lot of time every day just staring at my belly and watching Dojo move around. He's more active this week than he has been ever before.

The cabinetry in the guest room is almost done. I bought storage baskets for my crafts. Which means I am "that much" closer to start work in the nursery! It's going to be a busy weekend. Woot! And hubbs passed his weigh-in (with a few pounds to spare) so he is on top of the world and excited for the future!