Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So my favorite dream website has let me down: I looked up "octopus"

To see an octopus in your dream, signifies that you are entangled in some difficult matter or that some situation is clouded. Alternatively, the octopus indicates that you are overly possessive and too clingy in a relationship

yeah ut what does it mean with the f'ing thing climbs onto your head and tries to eat you?

i was on a boat. an old timey tour boat, rickety like the old fashioned glass bottom boats, but with seats like the Pirates ride at disneyland (and no glass bottom). we sat super low in the water, and if i looked to my left, where i sat against the side, the water was merely inches below us. we were touring past an old fasihoned building, made to look like an old river trading post, but actually an inn. all the false doors we passed were actually rooms, but the backs of them because there was nothing leading up to the doors but water - no way in or out. that apparently was on the other side of the building that was not part of the boat tour. there were only a dozen of us, and i was seated by myself.

there were pieces of mossy things floating in the water which sometimes covered the fish that swam by. but for the most part the water was super clear. the girl in front of me dove into the water and swam with a large white fish to the faux dock about 10 feet away from us exclaiming that is where she was getting married. no one thought it odd that she just bailed out of the boat so i didnt say anything either.

from a bit of a distance, in the shallow of the water and right beside the building, i saw "__" (i cant remember its name). it was the 'ancient' black octopus that lived in the waters, reportedly for hundreds of years, and everyone lovingly spoke about him as if he were a grumpy old man. his sightings were rare, given his oily black color, and the fact that this part of the tour was covered by many hut-like awnings to keep the glare of the sun off of the water when touring the port. but i saw him, coasting along the side of the building, just beneath the surface. and then he saw me. and he cut across the water right towards me like a speeding bullet. he climbed up the side of the boat like a black blob, crawled across my lap, up my right side, and onto my head, wrapping his tentacles around my neck and face.

i had instinctively pulled my arms up around my head and covered myself with my hoodie as best i could, because for some reason i couldnt remember if an octopus was poinsonous. i wanted to cover as much of my skin as i could. and wearing my hoodie, arms, and an octopus, i shouted as loud as i could for help, because apparently no one saw what happened.

the couple behind me peeled him off of me and tossed him back in the water. but no sooner did i stand up to get a hold of what had just happened, he climbed back into the boat, across the floor, and began to crawl up my legs, wrapping himself around my waist. as he was at about my knees, reaching up and wrapping around my waist i grabbed the first thing i could find - a kabob stick.

i started stabbing wildly at the black mass between my knees, and other passengers were finally catching on. they started throwing me more kabob sticks (thanks, a-holes) so i could stab it more, and finally he began to melt and drip away like hot lava-like oil.


Fury said...

Well given the dream i would guess the first definition fits. Poking it with kabob sticks thrown to you by other people=you will overcome whatever it is that's amking you feel trapped and sticky with a little help from your friends, but ultimately it's up to you to take control and stab it!