Thursday, December 11, 2008

catch up...

well thanksgiving was very nice. we went to Sacramento and spent a few days with the hubb's clan. first time meeting everyone but his parents, and it was a lot of fun. big family with a contagious trend of three children each, we all had a good time. a lovely dinner, a talent show for the kids, and then Friday was followed up with a day in Old Sacramento shopping and another family dinner. the mole was excellent and we played games and had a good time. traffic home was not as horrid as it was on the way there, and the dog was filthy and exhausted when we picked her up which meant she had a good time too. she finally made some friends.

the last couple of weeks have been spent making candles and doing random bits around the house. i attended an orientation for a military spouse program and am getting funding for school for the next two years. which means i am going back to school full time and am now trying to find a part-time job. again, this is proving to be difficult. i put in several applications at the mall on Tuesday and plan to go to Horton plaza sometime soon. i am 'this close' to going to McDonald's and that scares me.

here's some pics from the holidays.

I wasn't expecting that...

Jon-Marks 'official' invitation to participate in the talent show with his 8yr old cousin.

The hubbs wrangling some kids.

Old Sacramento.