Sunday, December 28, 2008


well, i've just spent a couple of hours reading a rambling of various posts about Etsy shop tips, pimping my shop, promoting my shop, and photographing my wares. it has been ages since i joined the now-infamous flickr, and way back when you could have only a handful of photos without paying for the pimped version. so i didnt really bother. now, however, i have learned the woes of my ways and am jumping back in.

i updated my flickr account with the photos available on my laptop. given the fact that few photos are on my little wand i couldnt put in much. someday soon i will add additional photos of randomness, but seeing as how it is very cold in the room where my desktop is.. it will be a day not like this one.

so for now, here is the link:

i've also added it to my facebook, which can be found here: Facebook me!