Wednesday, May 13, 2009

when my hubbs is out of town, i just can't sleep. i drown myself in crafting and watching movies and i'm up till i realize how late it is and fall over into bed.

scream #1: this morning i overslept.

i woke to the cat, who had snuck into my bedroom, lying his f@t A$s on my chest, pushing on my throat. i couldn't get moving in time to make my first class this morning, not that i cared, because i dislike that class very much, and since my final is next week i do not care about missing one more time. my second class, however, i had to go to. so i readied myself and went off to school.

i came home from school chipper and looking forward to my job interview at 3pm. i had a plan, things to do until it was time to get ready. i was excited to get dressed up, as its been quite a while, and i was looking forward to wearing my new suity skirt and vest ensamble with the cute silver top with plum colored polka dots. i spent nearly 20 minutes fussing over pantyhose, choosing the right color, then deciding to skip them cuz i couldn't find shoes to go with pantyhose... make up, hair, perfume, all nice. ready to go...

scream #2: and as i'm picking up a purse to swap into, a button pops off... seriously? i've never worn this before, just pulled the tags off! a button. came off my right sleeve, not in a place that i could easily cover, and i had no jacket that matched my silvery plummy gray outfit.. so in a flash i had to completely change.

scream #3: tried a new route to job locale, and almost was late. but on time, i met the manager and was offered the job!

scream #4: why doesnt anyone answer their phone when you have good news?

i went through the drive through to order celebratory taco bell.

and i've been on the couch ever since. time goes by so quickly when the sun is up all day.


Fury said...

Yesterday was pretty eventful. Congrats again!