Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm annoyed today and i'm not sure why. It is increasing as the day wears on.

I had two preliminary interviews for jobs. The second I feel much better about than the first. Not sure which I want to pursue, however, because the first will pay more...

I have a lot of homework due tomorrow and I cannot bring myself to do it. At all. I read the book, I really did, but weeks ago and there is so much packed into each chapter I can't remember what happens where and am finding it hard to do the chapter by chapter writings without rereading the book... and I just can't focus on that now.

I've been swapping bedrooms while the hubbs is at sea this week. Moving his stuff into the cave that was once my craft room, and moving my craft stuff into the light-filled airy room that once held his untouched drums. perhaps that is what is annoying me. I cannot finish it. I do not wan tto move his computer and large amps for fear that I will break something, and I want to have it as done as possible before he comes home as sort of a surprise for him (for me). but the more i realize i cannot do, the less i feel good about doing this while he's gone, and the more i am annoyed at just how much 'stuff' is needed to make yet more stuff.

i'm craving organized space and i cannot accomplish it like i want to. and that is frustrating. and getting frustrated is annoying.

and taco bell is just too far away to make me feel better. and that is annoying.

and the dog is in a sneezing fit, such sneezes that makes her whole head shake. when you ask her if she is ok, she just gets up and walks over and sneezes in your lap. and that is annoying. turns out she had a hair in her nose. now on my thumb. and yes, annoying.

i want to be outside but i dont want to leave my house. annoying.

i'm complaining, and i apologize. i am annoying myself.

now i really want nachos.

there is a taco shop a block away. they don't have nachos. i could get a burrito. and a coke. for a dollar. the coke will be a dollar, i mean, not the burrito. if that were the case i would be stuffing beans down my throat and not writing about all of this. but a can of coke for a dollar is annoying. and they dont have nachos to make it better.

i ran out of cat food for two days and they got really angry. azreal broke my fairy. he broke into a bag of treats and ate them all. and some dog food. i got them food today and they ate three bites and walked away. bastards. cats are aweful companions when you're irritable.

unless you are looking at lolcats. then it gives you a lot of ideas... and that makes me feel better.


Fury said...

Aww sister. It will get better. Organizing is always hard because it's messy work. feels like you're defeating your original thought, but it'll be worth it. Go look at the organizational porn again and get re-inspired. maybe stand in a spot completely opposite from where you've been- or from above- and get a different view of the room. Imagine it without the amp and computer. Throw a white sheet over it to block it out of sight, blend it in...and imagine what it will look like once JM moves it out!! Aha!
The right job will come. Decide for yourself which one you want and put it out there.