Monday, March 9, 2009

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yesterday was sand dollar jackpot at the beach. last weekend while the girls were here i found a whole sand dollar, the first one ever! i got so excited, it was like a life long journey had come to an end. but while walking the dog yesterday afternoon i found more than a dozen, in various stages of death. i found two that were still alive and so i tossed them as far out as i could get them. the others, well, they were already out of this world so i piled them up in my sweater and brought them home. 16 of them. they are lying out on a napkin on my dining table drying, and stinking up the place. four of them have tiny holes on the tops, but will become some sort of magnet or other thing..
i am currently concocting half a dozen new craft ideas, and even though the etsy market has been slow for me, i continue to list new magnets each day. candles are not selling at all, and that is discouraging. i've packed up my candle making gear for another day it seems. there has been a slew of visits this year already and i need the 'craft' room for guests.
it was freezing cold and raining this morning, and now the sun is out. this place cant make up its mind. the wind is blowing now which will keep the day cold.. its just deceptive i tell you.
the cats are eating the houseplants i bought last week.
the hubbs left this morning for his second week at sea.
i cannot feel my fingers or toes, despite the heater being right behind me.
i have to go to work in less than two hours and have not yet eaten... so i am off to grill some cheese.


Fury said...

Awesome! SD is the place..the only place Ive ever found a whole one. I think it broke on the way home tho. :(

Fury said...

Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in. -Seth

P.S. if I ever go back to crafty, I just found my new "name" in this here word verification- Solati. Kinda fits with the Native Sun thing and Tiff at the same time. Hmmm