Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my dog likes baked beans.

I have two cats for sale. they eat my plants. and i am unable to determine which of them knocked over my flower vase, spilling water to one-inch-shy of my laptop (and their lives), meanwhile soaking the apple bowl and the brand new book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, I bought last weekend while visiting Catalina Island. I needed something to do while riding the ferry home, and was able to read only 2 pages until I had to spend $3 on a deck of cards to entertain those that were otherwise unable to do so for themselves. They were a good 2 pages, not quite worth the $19 I spent in an effort to read the whole book, but a good start nonetheless. and since i can't figure which cat is to blame, they both must go. Starting bid is $22 plus shipping.

Marge hasn't called me today. I admit my feelings are a bit hurt. Doesn't she care enough about Grace to call me again? It's a gloomy foggy day and a call from Marge would cheer me up a bit.

I've exploded two kinds of beans in the last week and I'm affraid my microwave will not recover. This is why I don't like to use those for anything other than popcorn.

I need a vacation from other people's vacations. i've seen my husband all of three hours in the last ten days, and will not see him again until friday. this life is so confusing to me right now. its like i've hit a wall of crossroads and am unable to detangle them long enough to start making decisions.

I did, however, organize my pantry and clean the tea stains from my refrigerator, so I am feeling optimistic about life. I suppose the best is yet to come.

No matter how much the little things may get me down, all I have to do is watch this video and it lifts me right up:

Now, I'm not a huge fan of youtube BUT this search has led me to some HILARIOUS videos - including but not limited to: Teletubbies "Shake That Ass" and "Lean Wit It"; the "Gummy Bear Song" (which makes me sincerely question who should be able to make videos); "Obama Llama Duck"; and others... I've probably spent too much time seaching for 'funny ____" on youtube lately and thus rotting my brain. Instead, I should have been reading my new book, in which case it would not have been left on the dining table and would not be swelling with flower water as we speak...

oh things we learn in a day...