Sunday, March 22, 2009

sick and stuff.

i had two calls from 'private caller' on thursday, and no one left a message. i think it was marge. i think she was stalking me.

the hubbs came home on friday, after i had spent all day on the couch. sinus pressure had built up to badly i couldn't sleep. i tried to get into the doctor but they were booked, and the receptionist told me about a clinic i could go to in chula vista. too far for my loopy ass to drive so i decided to wait it out. see if perhaps it got better.

it didnt get any better, and saturday the left side of my head hurt so badly i thought my cheek was going to explode. the dr was closed saturday so we drove to the clinic. apparently, if i have chosena civilian dr, i cannot use the clinic. if i decide to use the clinic i have to give up my dr. my only other option was to go to the emergency room at the navy hospital.

so, that is what we did. i've never been to an emergency room for myself before, so it was an experience. it was the cleanest hospital i have ever seen. they were relatively quick, we were in and out in less than three hours, medications in hand. horsepills in hand, actually. i knew i had a sinus infection, and i really just wanted an antibiotic. instead, i got an antibiotic, ibuprofen, percocets, and flonase. .. flonase is the weirdest thing i've ever used. shooting liquid up my nose is not exactly my favorite thing to do, and furthermore its rose scented. rose scented.

so bizarre.

so i'm medicating myself and have a doctor's note telling me not to go to school on monday. so two days of sleeping on the couch, aye. the hubbs is gone again, a 24 hour duty, so his only day home this week was spent at the hospital. lame. he'll be home for the rest of the week, though, after work each day so perhaps we'll get to spend some time together afterall.

watching the borrowers now. funny little people.

otay. off to sleepy time now.