Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ok i am not done yet...

i have made two decisions tonight:

1. i will die of an early heart attack cuz honey butter kicks bum.

2. When home alone (and no one is coming home any time soon.. like.. for a couple of days), one should not under any circimstances watch Poltergeist. Especially the second one, with the creepy old man. and especially not when one's TV likes to black out or lose volume, and one has to get up and adjust the cords, expressing not just a 'i am stuck in front of the tv and cant pull myself away from this creepy shit' but rather a 'dammit i have to move the cat, uncover myself from the nice warm blanket, walk across the room, and fiddle with the tv, go back to the couch, replace the blankie and cat, then rewind it so i can see what i missed'. its a lot of effort to get creeped out when no one will come home to save you should demons fly out of your television.


Fury said...

LMAO! Of course I'm of the mind that one should not watch Poltergeist...ever! Especially when alone and a cat has to be moved.