Monday, April 13, 2009

1st From the Beach

Living across the street from the beach for the first time in my life, I am now completely surrounded by nature's inspiration. Not to mention an endless supply of seashells! I just can't let this go to waste, and so I'm starting a new collection called From the Beach..

It will be beach inspired goodies that will span both my candle shop and my curio shop. I took the first round of goodies out for a photo op the other day, but it was so damn windy I could only do the heavy glass candle holders. The picture frames and switch plates started to blow away!

So here are some photos of the candle holders.. let me know what you think! The sand has been sealed so that it will not chip or peel off the glass. I test burned one I made for myself and it is so charming.
I just listed these on Etsy and I think they are adorable. I'm not sure what to think of the photos though.. I'm on the fence and think perhaps I should reshoot them. What do you think?

The shimmer got a little splotchy in some areas but I think they are ok. I know better for next time!
I also made a double layer of sand, but I think the single layer lets much more light through.
As soon as I can photograph the other items I've made I'll post them and let you know. Feedback welcome!
xoxo, h


Fury said...

If you get enough light from the front porch, i think better sitting on wood to show off the sand. Something natural but a different color than the votive. pretty. I like.