Thursday, April 2, 2009

i'm feeling like the weather today: odd and inconsistant. it is april. it is spring. yet each day grows increasingly cold and gloomy. the ocean is almost black and the wind comes and goes. after living in phoenix for so many years i thought i'd be happy to get rid of the sun, but today i am craving it.

school has been good this week. i'm caught up on everything except english, because its time consuming and i can't get myself to sit down long enough to read what i need to read and write what i need to write. i'm antsy and anxious about crafting and have been spending every day organizing my craft space and then tearing it up again. systematically creating a ton of work for the next day.

the girl that sits behind me in economics class asked me to help her study for our test tomorrow. i really had no objection to that and agreed to do it prematurely, only to find out that she works till five today and cannot study until six pm. which means i wont get dinner with the hubbs and probably won't get to see him today as he'll likely be in bed before i get home, and i wont see him tomorrow because he has duty... without thinking all of that through i agreed to it anyway, i think she caught me at a weak moment.