Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well now I really didn't want Spring Break to end, but I really didn't want to miss school because I broke a piece of my body. Yesterday morning signaled the first day of heading back to class after a nice crafty week off. the in-laws were visiting and we stayed up late watching movies the night before. I overslept, and rushed out of bed in a panic.

Our bed is in a loft space above the master bedroom, and the foot of the bed is just about 8 inches from wood slatted railing... and you guessed it, I sleep on the far side. The quilt had found its way to the floor and I stumbled over it on my way down to the shower... only my left pinkie toe caught one of the wood slats and I heard a loud POP as a shooting pain went up my left side. I stopped, looked down, and my toe was pointing away from my foot :(

I reached down and straightened it out, then grabbed hold of whatever was beside me because I started to get dizzy from the pain. I took a deep breath and forced myself down the stairs, sort of sliding down the wall to keep myself upright, but had to collapse in the chair at the foot of the stairs. The room spun, and I almost blacked out - hot flashes and all. I forced a couple of deep breaths and ran to the bathroom. I turned on the shower (I was really determined not to miss school!) and sat on the floor to let the room spin again for a moment. Then huffed my way into the shower just long enough to wash my hair. I couldnt take it anymore. I was getting really dizzy.

So, I went right back to bed. I slept till noon. wabbled myself to the couch, where I elevated it the rest of the day, and used my dog's wound wrap to buddy tape my toes. (hey, it's pink, so no one really has to know it was the dog's :)

Today, I did go to school, limping a little, but I made it ok. The swelling is gone, and the bruising is subtle. I think I'll live. At least it is pointing in the correct direction now. lol. I know, its really not funny, but if you knew how clumsy I really am, this would come as no surprise. well, only a surprise that this is the first time I have ever broken a part of myself in my whole life. Should have grown up in a cast, lol. But I suppose that is what I am losing as I get older.

Some people lose their hearing, or their hair, or their eyesight. Yeah, I'm losing balance. I fall down a lot. I've accepted it.


Fury said...

Owee and yeah sorry, i giggled. Only you could make the description of a broken toe funny. At least it is now pointed correctly! Hope it's better soon!