Sunday, November 9, 2008

loverly weekend

yesterday was a beautiful day. the hubbs had muster at 715, so he left early. grainne started whining at 730 so i got up to take her out. the details of the morning are a little fuzzy. i know there was coffee involved. i had been trying to photograph some of my new goodies, but its proven difficult to photograph glass without getting too much glare. (tips are greatly appreciated)

the hubbs came home and we decided to walk the dog, since the morning was so beautiful. it was warm and sunny, a perfect day. so we grabbed the dog, some coffee, and out the door we went. decided to walk to the end of Seacoast drive that we had not yet explored... apparently there is a children's Camp Surf at the end of the block, fenced off, with brightly painted beachy bungalows scattered on the beach. very cute, but we couldn't see much.

so we turned around and headed down an alley that headed west. the alleyway went straight to the beach, and also branched off to the left between two rows of homes/apartments/condos. the hubbs noticed on the sign before the beach entrance that 'dogs allowed on leash only' .. sweet!

so we rolled up our pants, threw off our shoes, and took the barka to the beach for the very first time. she was hilarious. at first, she didn't quite know what that sand-stuff was.. and it took her a minute to get her bearings walking through it. once we hit the harder, wet sand she went a little crazy, running in circles, back and forth.. smelling all the seaweed that had washed up on shore. it was like someone had lit a firecracker in her bum.

then we got closer to the water line, and she was OK, until the waves lapped up onto the sand, and then like a little kid she ran backwards as fast as she could to get away from the water. if you know dogs, they dint maneuver backwards very well ,so that in itself was a sight.

i finally had to hold onto her collar and trick her into the water. which was...ok.. for a bit. then i realized that if i ran toward the water, she would run with me. so i hiked up my pant rolls above my knees, and charging into the water we went. once she got out to about her chest-high in the water she just kind of stood there with a look of terror on her face. my only thought is that she had flashbacks to the bathtub where i keep telling her to stand still... it was like she bounded out there and then as soon as she realized she was wet she frozen solid.

anyway, we played for quite a while there. then we took her down the street to the park area where there are beach showers and we washed her off. and since i don't enjoy wet dog, we walked for a little while longer to give her time to air dry. it was a good walk for her, a couple hours at the very least, a busy busy morning. and we were home by 1030...

so, we potted the plants we bought last weekend and swept the porch. noon came and we got hungry so we walked next door to Thai food restaurant and had lunch. the hubbs had to go back to base for muster at 3 so we went home for a quick nap. he woke and left about 230 and i slept for an hour longer. the afternoon is after-nap fuzzy, but i think i watched some tv. tried photographing my goodies again.

the hubbs came home and convinced me to go for a walk again. we walked across the street to the coffee shop and got mochas, then walked to the end of the pier to watch the sunset. there were pelicans dive-bombing the waters all around us and a few otters swimming below us. the horizon was cloudy so the sunset wasn't spectacular but the reflection on the waters and the silhouettes of the birds in the rust colored sky was beautiful.

on our way home we walked through the shell shop that is down the street - disappointing. it is small, dirty, smelly, and jumbled. its like a head shop without any paraphernalia. mixes of shells, fairies, dragons, tiki masks, little ugly things from china... i was sad. the guy who owns it looks like a .. well, he was creepy, lets leave it at that. no use in calling people names.

then we walked through the little gift shop that the real estate lady owns... she's the main real estate lady (and her husband too i guess) in Imperial Beach. If you want to live here, you better talk to them, kinda thing. talked to the gal working there about the potential of putting candles there. could be good. we'll see. apparently the lady that runs that place is obsessed with primary colors - everything she owns, including the building, is red blue and yellow. gross. like preschool threw up all over this town.

then we went into the surf shop across the street. the building is misleading, that store is F'ing huge. cute dresses :) lots of surfboards, wet suits, skateboards, etc etc etc...

then came home. walked the dog a bit more, and by that time it was getting late. ate some leftovers, watched a movie or two, searched for a new wax supplier and to bed we went.

today we are supposed to be cleaning, but the hubbs is upstairs reading LOLs and i'm here blogging... so you can tell how this day is going... haha.

will put up pictures soon.