Thursday, November 20, 2008

what a fine line.

tis almost the end of week four. i cannot believe i have been here so long already. next week is thanksgiving. unbelievable.

still... no job. no leads. no interviews. i'm getting a bit down about it really.

17 days without a cigarette. not so hard. no job, no one to take smoke breaks with.

azreal fell off the balcony the other night. we didnt even know he had gotten outside. just heard a cat screaming, looked outside, and there he was, on the ground, low to the grass with his ears flat and his eyes large and wild. i had to go downstairs (which also means around the whole the building) to get him and carry him back up.

we can see and hear navy seal training from here. sounded like world war three, yet no one was screaming. could see the flares and smoke and everything. really bizarre.

gizmo is getting depressed, i think. since petrie is gone, he hardly swims around anymore. just hangs out in the same spot at the back of the tank.

grainne is good. she got a little overzealous with her toy the other night and somehow got her leg stuck under the ottoman (that we currently use as a coffee table) when she tried to roll over and lifted up one end of the ottoman, sending our drinks to the floor. we kinda laughed but gave her the 'awe..grainne..' sort of sigh. she ran to her box, but didnt quite know if she was in trouble or not, so she stood there, half in and half out... looking at us through the window with her bum hanging out the door waiting for a conviction.

trying to make the best of this situation. its giving me a lot of time at home, but i seem to be incapable of getting anything done. i cant really work on my candle shop because i am out of wax, and without a job cant justify investing $200 into an order. (wax has gone way up with the gas price inflation this year. hoping it will come down really soon...) working on some other things but glass is proving very hard to photograph. saw a woman reccomend that you spray your items with hairspray first so they are not so reflective... gonna give that one a try today i believe.

in fact i should do that now. and i may give in and buy wax too. dont have the money to invest, but cant use it to make money if i dont invest in it.. here's to hoping that shop takes off and i can work from home making candles every day. that would be a dream come true.