Tuesday, November 11, 2008

note 1

well, yesterday was a day of firsts:
  • i met with a staffing agency and may be a temp for the first time in my life. i drove thirty miles to get there, north to La Jolla, that was a first.
  • i went to ross to try to find something nice to wear for an interview and couldnt even find one single thing to buy - definately a first.
  • tried making curry using only the can of the madras curry powder and directions on the can... didnt turn out so great. (but we tried to turn pita bread into garlic naan, it wasn't so bad)

in my head it seemed like more firsts...

anyway, the hubbs is off today for some goverment holiday that never meant anything to me before now, cuz i've never had those random days off. he promised we could go to sea world, he says we get in free for being military. WOO HOO the perks are finally coming in! haha. so excited i feel like i'm six. pics will be posted later.