Friday, November 7, 2008

hungry hungry hamster houdini

i've been spending my last couple of days in the second bedroom trying to sort out all of my candle and craft stuff and set up a decent workspace. this room will double as the guest room so i'm trying to make it 'pretty' as well as functional. well you know me, this has proven to be quite the task, taking a long time.

anyway, yesterday i noticed that harvey had created a stuffing bowl on the bottom level of his pink castle next to the tube that leads to his tower. last week jm had taken the tape off of his wheel so he's been keeping us up at night while he runs... i figured he just decided to make his bed elsewhere so he could run at will. i peeked in on him and noticed that his wheel now also doubles as his potty spot and the damn thing was disgusting. so i pulled his wheel off and washed it. snce this place is so humid i set it out on the balcony to dry, and put the little pink stopper in place of the wheel hole... and then forgot to put his wheel back on.

this morning i go in to work some more and realize the stopper is gone and so is harvey. i start calling for him, looking for the stopper.. neither could be found. i figured he was under the couch, which is beside the table where he escaped. no biggie, i'll clean the room and he'll come out when he's hungry. so about my business i go. eventually i found the stopper in a box beside the tabe where his castle is... but no harvey.

a couple hours later, on the other side of the room i stood still for a few minutes trying to figure out where to put the clock. i heard crunching coming from the boxes below the clock. lo and behold, i had put all of his food in that box. there are holes in the side of the box for handles and he must have climbed in. so i took the lid off the box expecting to see him there munching away on something. no harvey.

i took everything out of the box. no harvey. i put everything back in the box. still no harvey. so i picked everything up and shook it. no harvey. so i started looking in every bag... and i found him inside the tall box of peanut butter dog biscuits, curled up in a ball, sleeping. so he had crawled all the way across the room, hopped into the big food box, and then into the biscuit box, munched on a biscuit and went to sleep. it was the cutest f'ing thing.