Monday, November 24, 2008

new new new

new pics added to snapfish... see link in older post

new items added to new etsy shop.. check em out here

new id card this morning with my grover scarf and a stupid half smile makes me look like a marshmellow.

cold and cloudy today. preparing for rain. my feet have been numb all day. gonna be hella cold in sacramento this thanksgiving. not sure if I'm looking forward to that.

the dog is asleep.

a jet flew over a bit ago from the base nearby (in imperial beach - the air station) and holy cow it made the whole neighborhood shake. crazy feeling. like an earthquake that originated in the sky.

so far i've spent all day working on my shop. still have a ton of things to list. not sure i should wait until tomorrow.. cross your fingers and send me some good sales-vibes. :)


Fury said...

I like the way the pic looks on the Blue Icing bauble...with the ribbon up, rather than over. They're all pretty though. The red magnet set...I don't know how you photog'd those, but they came out real good! Nice and clear and almost no reflect. :) Your fireplace mantle looks very nice too!
P.S. **Good sales vibes**