Thursday, November 13, 2008

shamu and some things

I regret to inform you that Sea World seems to have become a victim of shrinkage. It once was a vast land of life size aquariums, sea mammals, humor and shows... now it is a cracker jack box with a handfull of fishes. Alright so maybe I've just gotten older and things seem so much smaller than i remember from my childhood. It could also be that its November and the winter schedule is less active than the schedule i remember from summer vacations.
Shamu appears twice a day. Their 'Believe' show is .. inspiring, I suppose. They failed to introduce the whales, accept for Corky, the mother hen. They failed to really give much information about the whales, except during a silly 'kids ask the darndest questions' sort of video. There were few tricks, a couple of jumps and lots of splashing. Twenty minutes at most, and mostly video, it was really more about driving the 'follow your dreams' message than the whales or even conservataion efforts.
The dolphin show is a few jumps and mostly splashing. all the trainers are, coincidentally, blonde. no idea why that is important, but the hubbs and I both noticed it. I tried to pet the dolphins in the feeding tank, however, some lady pushed her daughter in front of me and wouldnt leave. i wanted to choke her with her chanel purse and string her up for the seagulls to eat her. met a cool bird though.
The sea lion and otter show was actually the best. It was humorous, and full of showmanship. Thats what I was looking for I guess. Except they began to spray water down from the back of the stadium, just to catch those who try to stay dry. Cheating.
We had a characture done, which was a lot of fun. I'll take a picture of it and post it soon. oh and the manatees.. oh that was my favorite.

Went to another job fair today - got lost, damn this city. streets are not straight, nor flat, so you cant even try to see whats coming ahead. sometimes the street exits are on the right, sometimes on the left. you never know with enough time to get over. you cannot get on the freeway at the same place you get off, in most cases. half of the damn onramps are in residentional neighborhoods and you have to know where to find a sign in order to get there. and dont even mention the bumpity bumpity of the roads. i accidentally found ikea, so i guess its not all lost.
signs here are weird. jack in the box is touting anew look, i'll get picture as soon as i can find another location. and some shops just leave no room for confusion:


Christian said...

Looks like you two love birds are having fun. As it appears, the mammals at Sea World, have brought out the animalistic hunger 4 one another. Your Bro.