Monday, November 3, 2008

the move... a recap.

friday 10/24: well, the truck wasnt big enough. packed to the brim, but still missing furntiture and oddities. thanks to everyone who stopped by to help. i fell asleep on the floor. begging to leave by 1130. begging him not to put the car onto the trailer yet...

saturday 10/25: couldnt sleep with 2 adults on a twin bed. i kept falling off. me and the dog woke early and walked to the apt to start loading the car. which was put on the trailer. whose doors wouldnt open... loaded everything through the hatchback. fishies in a bucket... lets leave the cats behind. i'll come home tuesday to get the rest... the drive wasnt bad, made good time. hit downtown san diego by accdent, got lost. petrie doesnt look good... home at 7, set up fishtank, petrie really doesnt look good... dont feel like unloading the truck. hungry. get thai food and walk dog. cold. really tired..

sunday 10/26: woke early. walked dog in fog to coffee shop across the street. got coffee and muffins for the biscuit. 2 friends come to help. they kicked ass. pizza. nap. gizmo is pushing petrie around trying to get him to swim. very sad.

monday - dont remember. unpacking the kitchen mostly. oh- i drove to coronado island base to get decals and smog check. had lunch, killed my stomach. went shopping at commissary for the first time.

tuesday - drove to phoenix. got everything out of the apt. thanks again to mom tiff and shane for lots of help. to aunt doris' for bday cake. said farewells to family.

wednesday - finally got the drill. drove home to IB. finaly got to say goodbye to that godaweful city in the desert. petrie didnt make it.

thursday 10/30: more unpacking. evening - we took petrie in a bucket out onto the pier and dropped him into the ocean. bye bye petrie. i'm sorry you didnt make it. gizmo misses you.

friday 10/31: dinner at applebees for cheeseburger and spinach dip. got coffee. walked. pushed candy on kids that were walking the street.

saturday 11/1: early turnover. went with biscuit to base. had breakfast. went to home depot. got plants. got ouce cream.

sunday 11/2: chorizo. dont remember anything else.

monday 11/3: a day of unpacking, then in the evening the hubbs and i went to the beach for the first time. my feet got so cold my legs went numb to my knees, and it actually hurt to walk. it was the weirdest senstation the water wasnt even that cold! lots of seashells to hunt here. lots of ideas floating in my head about making sand candles. cant wait for the sand castle contest in the summer time.

tuesday 11/4: unpacking.

wednesday 11/5: job fair. bust. got ran over by someone in parking lot of wallys. breakdown. discouraged. biscuit smiles.

thursday and friday - more unpacking. movie watching. cooking. i made banana bread frm scratch at some point this week. it was good. i am super suzy homemaker.

pictures to come...