Saturday, January 16, 2010

day 4

is it sad that i had to name the days with my fingers to see what # day I was on? and that I'm only on Day 4?!

My sleeping schedule is still off. I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and its keeping me up at night. My brilliant plan to read to make myself sleepy has not worked, because this book is a page turner. I cant put it down, no matter how tired I am. I'm so involved in these women, I can't wait to move on to the next happening. I'm skipping descriptive paragraphs to get to the actions, dialogue, and then rereading what I miss because I felt guilty for not experiencing the whole thing.

The cat gets the zooms each night when I come home from work. starting at the front door, tearing ass into the dining room, sommersaulting onto the rug, sliding one front and one back leg underneath it. He lifts up the rug, plays with the edge of it, meows, and zooms around the table, hauling ass into the living room, across the couch (and my head if i happen to be sitting there) onto the chair and jumps into the cardboard box sitting beneath the window. He sits in the box, staring wide eyed like he double dosed, and then starts all over again.

The dog has picked up where the husband left off and is snoring as loud as any man i've ever met.

work is keeping me busy. I'm only in for three days next week. I'm expecting two visitors, though one perhaps only for a quick dinner. working at trader joe's is making me obsessed with food. even though i dont always cook it, i have to buy it. its awful.


Fury said...

the zooms- awesome! gotta love wood floors! Kiss the furries for me, and kisses to you.
Be thankful grainne has picked up the snoring and not the other manly attributes.

Fury said...

P.S. It'd be sad if you were trying to get to day 7 by still counting on one hand. Talk about confusing.

at least you don't have to make an "L" to know which is your left hand.I go along in life thinking i'm not the brightest bulb, but Im above average..until i need to go left.

Heather Zalapa said...

bahhaahaah, zoolander :)